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MP3 Player – This Thing We Call Technology

The technology of MP3 player should considered as one of the most significant inventions in the history of entertainment. Because of it, the conception of albums turns to be more abstraction.


Before the MP3 player came out, there were lots kinds of audio players for users to experience the music world. We can still find the CD player today, but not as popular as the MP3 player since the later is easy to take with. Also we had tape player. But it mostly like that the audio players are all the ‘host bodies’, they get survival only when they need to be survived. When little number of people chooses for tapes then the tape player will only be a part of collection to memorize.


The most highlight of MP3 player could be it linked the Internet and itself together. Instead of the albums putting in a steady shelf, MP3 player breaks the limit. The shape of albums changed into digitalized tracks. Meanwhile, the way of sailing and the way of promotion all based on the Internet.


The MP3 player makes our life more convenient; moreover, it breaks the limit of time and space. We don’t have to go to the audio shop purchasing an album. It’s quite a waste of time and CD are always more expensive compared with the tracks in an online shop. (e.g. itune shop). However, there’s one more problem that you can never make sure what you purchasing is definitely in store, if it is too out-of-date. Which means it could be take a whole day for you searching for it from one shop to another, but use the online shop, all you need to do is putting words into the searching engines.

Social / Anthropologically

The MP3 player can be convenient for users but sometimes could probably too convenient that bring some commercial profit conflict and copyright issue to the recording companies and musicians – downloads. For Internet users, it is never too much for them to emphasis that the original idea of Internet is ‘for sharing’. But anyway, when you support one band, buy their albums.

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