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Digital Identity – The Final Exhibition and Users’ Experience

The exhibition successfully hold on 20th. September 2012 in Culture Lab. Considering of that create shapes by user’s body figure might be more personal, the original idea changed into just create user’s figure outline during the program building. Meanwhile, the outline […]

Sep, 25 · in Final Project

Digital Identity – How It Works?

The Digital Identity project used Max Msp as the technique program support, and to get the final result, it took from three parts: – Colour detection – Figure outline – Sound recording Both of the first […]

Sep, 25 · in Final Project

Digital Identity – Theories Suport

Five main theories are related as the background research theories: Embodied Interaction Embodied Cognition The Phenomenology of Perception Synesthesia Colour Psychology Varela et al. (1991) raised the concept of Embodied Cognition in two aspects and […]

Sep, 21

Digital Identity, an Embodied Interactive Exhibition to Expedite a Unique Experience of Synesthesia

Digital Identity is an interactive project by using the Mirror Interface technology as the platform. It is with the intention to create a unique identity by digital information, and meanwhile to build the connection between audiences and digital technology. In […]

Sep, 20

Thinking after the Consciousness Cube Exhibition

How to find the centre coordinate of the cube can be counted as the difficult aspect – the coordinate changes. Why the coordinate so important? Because it needs using that coordinate as reference when doing the […]

Mar, 18

Codes with comments from Consciousness Cube

import processing.opengl.*; float [][][][] pointList; int cubeLength=600; int num = 40; float distance = cubeLength / num; float cubeRotate=0; void setup() { size(800, 800, OPENGL); //create a cube made by points, use array pointList = […]

Mar, 18

Spanning Sphere – Before the Consciousness Cube

Spanning sphere is the first idea of the exhibition before I changed my idea to the consciousness cube. Thought details between these two changed some but basic spanning idea and the idea of trigger effect […]

Mar, 18



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