Paper sculpture project –Connecting eletronic

Electronic connection process:                      STEP 1: Installation of a long shaft on the servo     STEP 2: Connect the delay                 STEP 3:   Connect lights     STEP4 :    Decorate  the  box       Finished!!   The […]

Paper sculpture project –Making model

I want to make a castle as the paper sculpture. This is the processing of the making model. First I draw the castle (the full  line is going to  be craved, the dotted line is going to be folded) Secondly, use a knife to crave the line Then, folding the paper Finally, a three – […]

Paper sculpture – testing servo

I plan to make a paper sculpture, then put it in a decorated box and using the servo to control the box opening and closing. Before I tend to do this project. I first tried to how to use the servo, and I could connect the button. Through online search, I probably know how the servo […]

Hello world!

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