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Public Art and Community Engagement Pubic art are not art of public space. In recent years, the forms of art creation are becoming more and more abundant, and the cognition of public art is constantly changing. Publicity is the essential feature of public art. We often focus on the question of whether it is publicity […]

Northern stage individual doc

Fist meeting as a NS group (22/2/2018 , Me and Bena) Visiting the norther stage to consider about the place where we are going to use? Talking about our idea, so far we already have a simple idea: playing one minute claire de lune music using an arduino (visitor can make it work with arduino […]

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The definition of the maker movement (based on research) “The maker movement is a trend in which individuals or groups of individuals create and market products that are recreated and assembled using unused, discarded or broken electronic, plastic, silicon or virtually any raw material and/or product from a computer-related device. In addition, maker movement has […]

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Critical making refers to the hands-on productive activities that link digital technologies to society. It was invented to bridge the gap between creative physical and conceptual exploration. The critical making is what enables designers and artists to create objects, devices, and services that are more engaging, more efficient, and more human. By using computer code, computer-aided […]

Public Making – blog 2

“Digital public art and traditional public art make use of new technologies in their creation and display. What distinguishes digital public art is its technological ability to explicitly interact with audiences. These public art methodologies differ from digital community art works, in terms of how they establish relationships with the audience, site and outcome. In community […]

Public Making——Blog 1

Pubilc Making, being public could be regarded as two aspects: Making toward public Making in the public Public Making is a private and public transformation in the public art and public space. It is a new concept between art and the public. Public art is a new subject in recent years. With the improvement of the social […]

Paper sculpture project –Connecting eletronic

Electronic connection process:                      STEP 1: Installation of a long shaft on the servo     STEP 2: Connect the delay                 STEP 3:   Connect lights     STEP4 :    Decorate  the  box       Finished!!   The […]

Paper sculpture project –Making model

I want to make a castle as the paper sculpture. This is the processing of the making model. First I draw the castle (the full  line is going to  be craved, the dotted line is going to be folded) Secondly, use a knife to crave the line Then, folding the paper Finally, a three – […]

Paper sculpture – testing servo

I plan to make a paper sculpture, then put it in a decorated box and using the servo to control the box opening and closing. Before I tend to do this project. I first tried to how to use the servo, and I could connect the button. Through online search, I probably know how the servo […]

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