Bochum Video Festival ::

June 27th, 2011

Bochum Video Festival ::

we’ve visited Bochum in 2008 with a live av performance.. and than in 2009 one of our video works was presented in there… it is a great festival with supercool atmosphere, we were glad and happy to have a chance to go there again.. with our ‘Forbidden Places’ videoart piece, which was selected for this years Bochum Video Festival. [ ]

3rd prize for our video! yey* >>


‘Forbidden Places’ won the 3rd prize .. !!! :D

we were even more shocked and surprised than happy .. excited.. totally numbed by this fact..
as this was the last thing we would expected.. there was a number of great proper film productions screened on the festival .. films with proper budget and very professionally made short films.. and we were sure that our work doesnt completely belong in there.. as it may be too experimental and too challenging with its transgressive element – mega slo-mo time stretch :P
… but jury team were charmed, totally entranced and simply fascinated by our piece.. and fell in love with plastic organic-synthetic forest creature :D

Fridolin Körner who was one of the jury members.. [along with Dr. des. Christian Stewen, Sebastian Neubauer, Natascha Frankenberg and Susanne Scheel] before handing us the prize, introduced our video in truly poetic and exalted way.. – as emotional poetic immersive piece of work.. which took him for a unforgetable journey.. and made him see the images in a different way every time, there was something new in it.. he expressed that it caused feelings that could be compared with meditative experience.. bizarre pleasant and beautiful … he hit the core of our intentions while making the video.. the same expressed Dr. des. Christian Stewen when describing the work.. jury was all impressed by myself and Andrzejs work… as it was special and unique video imagery .. we’ve got incredible complex feedback …//

this kind of feedback was something that we would likely want to hear from sensitive viewer who experienced our work..

it was amazing to see how deeply people interacted with this material and that they could find similar paths of interaction… //


Fridolin Körner :: is performance and video artist whos work i really admire.. >> ::


im also glad to meet our dear Frédéric Doazan from LaCause Collective >> :: and Silke and Jan Glöckner – Kassel University artists.. who were presenting their video productions at Bochum Fest.  Frédéric won audience prize for his /Chanvert les bains/ which i found my favorite piece of the festival as well :) >>


Silke is making amazing sculptures from plastic >>

i would like to share some of them here…


here some funny pics from bochum ::

analogue visuals –  // Maia by Mariela Rossi

incite// :: [ ]

bochum videofest vhs wall.. :D

Silke / Jan and Frédéric

happy Frédéric with Bochum organisers team ..

embarrassed niochnioszki with the prize :P [primary school pics series]


the video ‘forbidden places’ is currently without soundtrack .. people who made music for the video insisted on removing it from the video as they were not happy with some issues.. // with help of cl sound artists we are in the process of producing new soundtrack for the video…

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