berlin beeerrlliinn :: again.. never enough 4eva love
feels like home.. :D
[ it is 2 hours away from my hometown so maybe thats the reason :P roots concrete vibe.. ]


i was there in december with friends to record music clip but i’ve already missed my fav city…
so traditionally me and Andrzej went for transmediale festival but not mainly.. we stayed there almost 3 weeks… on this occasion we gave a 3 performances in some of the venues and had a meeting with our friend with whom we are doing collaborative audio-visual performance in march in sweden.. [so we discussed some ideas and recorded some video footage with him.. ideas brainstorming actions.. //updates on that and some pics – soon :]
lots of creative work done :D
this was probably one of the most productive trip…
on top of that same amazing bits .. – eternal exploration of the city .. urban sides / galleries / clubs / exhibitions / artspaces / experiemental music / meeting friends … awesome*

berlinale film festival ::

+ we managed to check couple of movies on berlinale
one of them was Utopians.. [ ] our friend – berlin based cameraman/ DOP – Robert was involved in this production..
the movie was exploring some dreamy heavy issues of existence / absurd and relationships between people…
tumbs up*

domestic violence ::

we performed at DAS WEEKEND [a part of transmediale festival.. weekend before/]
we did live show at Multimedialer Schlachthof on 29th /01 and Loophole on 30th/02 – very famous artspace.. for experimental music and multimedia art.. >>
and than on the 14th/02 at Madame Claude which is one of the berlin mekkas of experimental music and well known place for their Experimontag [experimental mondays :]
all went so good.. so much positive feedback.. wow* people were so curious of our work.. and so amazed to see us..
open atmosphere.. lots of fun// lots of freshness… and many new friends..

unfortunately i dont have pics or video documentations from those nights.. some of my friends may have .. so ill wait until ill get them and pop them in here..
this year i havent took so many pics.. as i think i felt more like at home.. instead of acting like tourist :P i wasnt really thinking about documenting things which i liked.. o . o’ for some reason..
also i didnt simply had time for taking pics as we were so busy all the time running around like action cats…
so it looks like i dont have pictures from the actual festival :P cause i felt at that moment like taking pics of someones artwork doesnt make any sense.. if i can find them on the internet.. // i was to engaged into the actual time and space / live performance and people instead of trying to catch it all on film… so my attention was fully open and present.. and i was simply absorbing it all.. massive amount.. yeah*

transmediale / CTM 2011 ::

hmm.. i guess i can say that about everything.. nothing is as good as it was before.. also nothing will be greatest and amazing if youre experiencing it so many times.. for me transmediale festival / CTM became sometimes more an excuse to go to berlin.. :D

this years ‘theme’ >> RESPONSE:ABILITY :: [ ]
‘ With RESPONSE:ABILITY, transmediale.11 puts forward a call for action in terms how we live on and with the Internet today. Having become a central stage for the unfolding of our public and private lives, we must ask not only how this experience of online-liveness affects and transforms our bodies and subjectivities but also, importantly, what responsibilities and possibilities this engenders for participating in the continuous process of its evolution. Especially now, with economic and political mega-infrastructures striving for control and regimentation, threatening to make a smooth space into a striated one. ‘

my transmediale / Club Transmediale number 4 / 2011 was obviously worse than the rest.. and worse the last year..
this year was bit shorter and the line up shrinked so much obviously because of the funding..
there were the days where i felt like at the cheap market faire or circus than a digital art festival..
with commercial music for people who think it is alternative.. or a hub for tourists who have no idea about diy culture and digital media but it is so cool to be part of this ‘diy community’ pseudo hackspaces entertaining ‘high-tek’ interactive installations with no content or attend some workshop and solder some wires.. very playful. for some people it may be something exciting..
i’ve heard so much critique from berlin based artists about the fact that every year trsmdl it is getting worse…
and the level of the both parts of the festival is lowering..
is it just me now ? a complainer.. a researcher who is looking constantly for something more challenging..
as my knowledge and experience is growing so probably things presented there or anywhere will get more boring ?? hahaha* both..
i think major fact is as well that we are attending number of digital arts festivals every year.. and the line-ups on each one of them are very similar .. so it feels sometimes like watching same stuff on each one of them.. .
and very often im finding that i’ve seen some of the artists couple of times already.. small festiv world. night Club Transmediale line-up also consisted the artist which i’ve seen before .. so it became pretty regular/ and not that excited but still there are many things which i can admire over and over again.. and people who i deeply respect so i can watch them even 1000000101010 of times.. so its not that bad :D
but when we came to transmediale there was a very little number of things which were very new to me.. same artists… same installations.. same lecturers.. same performances.. same gigs… same diy shit .. couple of same ‘critical’ + ‘political’ artworks + classical rasternotons signal on the top with the same expression over and over.. throught years.. so overdated.. + venza christ and house of natural fiber are taking over festivals too.. :!
i was expecting also lots of fresh stuff new names new art.. but well.. looks like back in few years there are the same names in the line-up… nothing which can surprise experienced explorer.. . i am disgusting :P
i could enjoy few things though / and ive catched couple of surprises .. yums*
and met my dear people there who are coming as well every year :) so good to see them all .. aaa
anyway lets leave saving the world / diy politics / ecological design and all that shit..
this is just digital media art festival :D


here is a short interesting and encouraging short film about the future of art ..made on transmediale >>


despite all that critique and lack of really moving pieces on this festival .. surely there was couple of artworks i truly loved [and lots of which i really hated :]
:: berlinish charm and nice raw clubs and places make the impression that everything seems to sound and look better in there :P performances seems to be more intense.. and everybody are having more edgy fun at the city of rebel and art :D


some of the favorite stuff at tm/ctm’11 ::

reynold reynolds – at HKW .. amazing videos.. stop motion// [seen some of his works before on a different film festivals] genius!*

the haters [which i’ve seen couple of times but ill be always eternally amazed by GX jupiter .. ahh] + west germany.. really cool venue :D

* ‘Alles was Sie über Chemie wissen müssen’ – Club Transmediale Exhibition at the Kunstquartier Bethanien… this years exhibition was super.. amazing.. really highest level.. lots of great artworks.. []

Joyce Hinterding – Aura

sarah campos

* cinechamber at hau zwei [ Maryanne Amacher /// Daniel Menche / R. Kurokawa / Monolake

* couple of performances at hau eins

* Democratic:Abilities :: the best lecture probably.. was about values and challenges of maker culture ::
Garnet Hertz and his critical clear point about current approach to DIY… and how politically naive can be the whole ‘movement’ and how it mutated through couple of years so instead of being a real opportunity for a local change …
it became something really trendy and cool.. // at last someone said that loud that some of those very hacky hacklabs and blinking LED with Arduino is just an egocentric whim which leads us nowhere..
running a hackspace for many people is a high top cool activity instead of being something that will implement knowledge to the environment.. i agreed with lots of points at this lecture.. i was finally happy to hear something which is real instead of another DIY friendly lecture which is nothing but a todays trend.. but few years ago many people thought that for example ‘revolution of arduino’ etc will change the world.. power in hands of the nation.. wow* at some point everything became another form of consumerism.. another commodity.. nothing else.. let it be so. of course there are positive aspects of this whole democratisation…. well watch it >>

* herman kolgen ::
well kinda .. cause the video footage was amazing but not with a companion of idm a la 2000… i think the material was good enough [slo-mo very good camera / clean image / bodies in the water tank.. all surreal and very symbolic.. like a dream of a person in coma in a hospital.. ] + big screen at hkw! but it didnt need so many dynamic cuts.. i had a feeling that there was too much going on on the screen.. and the video was forced to fit energizing modern creative agency video productions.. to be more effective.. and pushed through this kinda aesthetic which i dont really like.. but some parts of the footage and whole idea / colours / concept was amazing.. if only someone could make this video shorter and cut out a half of unnecessary effects…


* nighttime >> at the CLUB trans. :: favs //
KTL .. aaa… my dear Stephen O’Malley.. classic mantra cure. no coments.. just droney heavy orgasmic smoke.. made me almost cry from transcendental extasy :D
my beloved Raime :D deep conceptual nihilistic dark textures depressive soundscapes ::
Hype Williams was kinda ok too a bit hypnotic colorful and trip-hoppy … /
MoHa! >> massive strobe lights.. acid broken mathmetal mashup .. av 180km/h sonic splatter ::
Tujiko Noriko [i used to loved to listen to her at home with warm tea and headphones.. but on stage live – definitely too sweet.. made me a bit dizzy.. :P ]
legend berlin club berghain/panorama bar is a great space with such a good soundsystem.. and Hyperdub again* :P .. well.. was nice..::

dislikes [:]

i really disliked Ei Wada for using TVs in such an idiotic awkward way.. there are so many beautiful things that can be done with bunch of tvs and the singal.. but why presenting it in a cheesey way a la 80s sci-fi [maybe he likes star trek] with ridiculous composition of sound ?? and it seems like he is doing it with a truly serious approach.. i was very funny for me.. but it doesnt suppose to be funny i guess… //also i really dont like peoples approach when theyre presenting their work as something magical and innovative .. when it is all about tv signal electricity and simple facts… i know many artists who are using tv signal in a more sophisticated and poetic way.. instead of making ‘cheap tv disco-dance drums’ .. sorry not for me.. *** i am a fetishist of noisy tvs but he destroyed all the charm with his clunky interaction..

the worse tragic circus i’ve seen.. was something called Eboman [a man with creepy cybercheap sensor suit.. !] who was doing ‘Real Time Video Sampling’ with this outfit.. he looked like he just landed from a hightek movie from 60s… wow* very very bad music.. something like that should be in amusement parks.. not on digital arts festivals… // that was the worst thing i ever saw … so bad.. aesthetically / conceptually // another startrek fan i guess :D

this year at HKW mostly the lectures were ok.. the performances.. not so much..


many interesting reasonable things i’ve experienced outside the festival
i’ve checked massive number of my favorite underground and ‘overground’ galleries / artshops and various places … MMX / ausland / NK project/ and all the small galleries and art spaces around Neue Köln etc..
Mat Pogo [ive catched performance at NK and madame clause :] – check him out.. he is what i’ve looked for for so many years.. oh* on top of that experimental turntable sounds and more..
+ some satellite transmediale events-exhibitions around alexanderplatz

and i went to berlinische galerie to see an exhibition of one of my favorite photographers of course nan goldin .. and watch very interesting documentary on her life.. nan nan lovely*



shiny/dark highlight of this visit

teufelsberg ::
[devils mountain]

i was planning to go there for so long.. while hearing from some of my friends how strange place it is.. and reading about it watching it for so long.. truly bizarre.. upsetting and amazing at the same time.. because of its history.. >>

i couldnt believe this artificial hill is made of ruins of the city after the war.. [it is such a high point on the top of the roof of the building that we were able to see all the city.. !!] and how big the domes to hide radars can be.. strange feelings..
so finally i’ve explored that place.. and recorded amazing reverberation in the top dome.. this can only exist in there…
i’ve also recorded a video and wanted to release a bunch of black baloons from a giant bin bag to the sky..
but security came on that day so i havent finished my action piece ..
but the day before i’ve explored the place inside-out for and managed to take some pretty good pics…

my teufelsberg on a very sunny day ::

more in here >>

i was looking on the net for some pics from the time when the military base was still open >>

warmly recommended :)

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