HSS8121: Two ideas for In Your Face exhibition
May 16th, 2016 by Red Lion

Tom says we don’t have to come up with really brilliant ideas for the exhibition since this is not what he is going to assess (Tom: Why are you emphasising this in your post?!), but I still want to show my favourite two ideas that I came up for the exhibition here.

Almost everyone on earth knows that I am terribly obsessed with cartoon character design, so of course my two ideas here are all related to cartoon character design as well, and in order to relate to the exhibition’s topic, I chose to explore cartoon face drawing styles. Anyone with experience of watching cartoon animations or reading cartoon comics from different countries will notice that the styles of drawing from various cultures can be totally different, and my plan here is to show these differences to the audiences of the show, whether they watch cartoons or not, by displaying the different face drawing styles.

The first idea is a still display installation. I got this idea after I saw this picture on the web:

anime face in different ages


It’s interesting when you put together a set of different drawing styles for a same object. This picture above shows the evolution of typical anime face drawing styles. Seeing this, I started thinking whether we could also put culture together with timeline. In order to realise this, we might need a large table like this:

faceproj1The thing is we need to try to summarise the common factors of a drawing style from a certain time and culture and produce drawings of one object using the style we have summarised. The problem is that even if it’s one certain time and culture, different cartoonists still tend to draw in different styles, so it might be hard to conclude into one single style. But I still believe this is possible. Perhaps we need to choose those that are more typical. And also cartoonists affect each other, so there should be plenty of family resemblances.

The second idea is generated from the first idea, but consists of interactive factors. In this idea, the drawing styles are not simply displayed. They are for you to choose and combine and make your own face. To be clear, I’ll show a picture here:




The drawings of the face elements will be extracted from cartoon characters from comics and animations from different cultures, and the player can remix the different styles together to see what they get. One thing interesting about this one is that I won’t tell the player which style is generated from which culture and it’s all up to the player to create. It would be pretty fun to see whether people actually put together styles from the same cultural background without knowing it.

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