Assignment – Documenting my work
March 4th, 2016 by Red Lion

It’s quite interesting to find out that the process of documenting an artwork is…quite interesting. Taking photos and screenshots or recording a drawing process on SAI on the screen are nothing new to me, but making a short documentary-like video is challenging. I’ve never done that before to be honest. Well I’ve shot trains and birds and have experience of editing these, but not my works.

Especially a screen based work. It just seems so boring to point your camera at the computer screen and record what’s happening on it! Why not just use screen video capture tools instead! But Tom said documenting a screen-based work is part of what he wanted to explore.

As a result of the class, I decided to focus on the audience. So I grabbed the tripod from culture lab and asked my flatmate and neighbours to come and help me.

And this is the documentary video for the work for HSS8120: Guess the Profession.

Watching people’s reaction to something is always fun. You’ll be surprised by how unexpected their actions could ever be. I guess this is also why people love watching pranking videos: they are not laughing at the prank, but laughing at the hilarious reactions of the victims shot by the hidden camera. I would say it would also be fun to watch people go berserk at a shitty design/artwork! Please google “Angry Video Game Nerd” for more information…

Recording people’s reactions is not just fun. It also creates an archive of audience-based materials which the designer might refer to when he’s making something else in the future. It can be used to make improvements for future works, or improve your previous design as well. Of course, some just-for-fun artworks do not have a “good or bad” criteria, so this archive of audience-reaction can act as inspiration – even useful if you want to create a “terrible interaction” on purpose!


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