“Draw Space”
Nov 30th, 2015 by Red Lion

Check this out! It’s really cool!!

I’m thinking whether it’s possible to make something like this using Processing??

A Difficult Master’s Programme!
Nov 18th, 2015 by Red Lion

I don’t know whether it’s because that undergraduate is different from postgraduate, or that Chinese higher education is different from British higher education.

It seems that I’m having a difficult time with my master’s programme. Not because of too much homework, or not understanding the lectures, but because we are given too much “freedom”! I mean, during my undergraduate studies, we were often told to do this and that, to enter a design competition or help our teachers with their projects. However, in my current programme, our teachers hardly ever tell us exactly what to do. Instead, they often gave us a direction and asked us to think more about our creative project. Like, in our classes, we were taught how to think in a creative and critical way, and we shared our works among classmates, but we were not given a certain design task or anything –  it’s all up to us to design what we want. Yes I’d love to, but I can’t just do what I want! I want to design a game. Oh cool, it’s going to take years. Even a simple game like Professor Layton (Layton: “No! It’s not simple!!”) has a long, long staff roll in the end…Alrighty then, I’ll draw comic strips and character designs…but hey, aren’t we supposed to do something related to digital arts!?

So that’s the problem I’m facing. I’d rather Tom or John told me to do stuff like figuring out the code for raindrop interaction (which was actually our last Processing homework). It’s clear and specific.

Well, I know that we’re going to make a project in the end of our programme. And according to last year’s students, the project should be a digital interactive artwork…I do have a few ideas but Tom told me to think of more, he said, the guy with the most ideas at first often worked out best in the end…╮(╯_╰)╭






translation: I can’t handle these days anymore!!!



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