Hello, Processing
October 12th, 2015 by Red Lion

And finally we started to learn Processing today! However I forgot to bring my laptop because I thought the laptop was for the Workshop session in Tuesday *lol*

Before Processing was introduced we had a discussion about mapping. Tom sent each student an email with an article attached, titled “The map is the territory”. It was quite a difficult-to-understand article, with loads of philosophy terms…I googled for some information about “the map is not the territory” theory, and after reading those I seem to have figured out what that article was trying to say..well, I guess.

2015-10-12 16-13-47


Then we were introduced to Processing, a programming software invented for digital artists. There was an example available for download. It was a streetview programme. I tried to change some of the codes after I returned to my accommodation, but things kept going wrong…anyway, the code was easy to understand. Just a window showing a group of images one by one and loops forever. ¬†And you can control frame rate. A good beginning, I guess?

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