Final Exhibition – Selfie-Reflection

Images of the Final Exhibition:

A simple documentation of “Selfie-Reflection”:
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Link to download the final dissertation:

CPP – With a little help from my friends…

Clare is helping me to describe my work…

“From the ancient world of greek mythology, and the tale of Echo and Narcissus, to narratives of contemporary culture exemplified by Kim Kardashian and other celebrities”

James is twisting himself to hang the mirror properly…


Ultrasound sensor suggested by Ping and Jiun-Shian…


Yinzhen experiencing a little of the “selfie-reflection”…


Identities by Can Dagarslani

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.41.12 PM


Can Dagarslani website:

CPP – problems ahead

01 – Find a suitable sensor to start taking photos on the sketch of Processing.

02 – After 30 seconds, stop the camera.

03 – Save a copy of all the photos in a file.

04 – The new addition is to also display some photos of the previous users, not only selfies.


Arduino was first considered to be used alongside processing to send a data from a sensor to start the camera, but that would only work, if the artwork only consider one user at each time. So the best way found now, it is to use the actual camera as a sensor, so when a face is recognized, it starts the process.

Pd was shortly considered to be use instead of Processing due to its higher processing capacity, but it has a lot of constrains when it comes to timing the process in order to make it automatic.

CPP – Big prototype

Because the actual space for the exhibition has not been set up yet, I had to do the real-sized prototype in a place that is not completely appropriate for it. So, the room was not completely black with the lights only on the user. Also the position of the projector was not a proper one. However, I was able to decide that the best set up is actually the first idea, the camera behind the mirror and the projector in front of it.

This is a selfie on the selfie projected on the mirror:


This is the new setup:



This is the projected image of the screen of the computer with my reflection on it:



CPP – Videos cited on the dissertation

Jacques Derrida talking about the myth of “Echo and Narcissus”

YouTube Preview Image


Simon Blackburn “From the Self to Selfie”

YouTube Preview Image


Robert C. Solomon “Existentialism”

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CPP – State of Art Review

Selfie Reference.


The Curated Ego: What Makes a Good Selfie?

by studioSTRIKE

in the National Portrait Museum

about Jure Kastelic ‘s work (around 8:35 min.)

YouTube Preview Image

CPP – State of Art Review

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Eye Contact, Responsive Display 2006

YouTube Preview Image

Creative Practice Project – Workbook

workbook_01 workbook_02 workbook_03 workbook_04 workbook_05 workbook_06 workbook_07 workbook_08


It may seemed like it was a two-week holiday for most people, but it was really hard work… I came back more tired than I was before…

7 artists and architects from different European universities  that never met each other before were suppose to come up with a project for a fictional Biennale to be set in Krakow, Poland.

It began as a moving monument. Then time capsule. Then outlines. Then touristic buses. In the end, was a combination of all the ideas.

Based on sites that the touristic bus visits in the Old Town (city centre of Krakow since medieval times), the same points were transposed to a place called Nowa Huta (the industrial city centre constructed by the soviets), giving unusual sites a chance to become a touristic point.

So the project was to have both places having a tour starting at the same time, but the difference is that the audio of them would be exchanged. So, in the touristic bus of the Old Town people would be able to hear the description of ordinary places in Nowa Huta. And in Nowa Huta, people in the bus would be able to listen to the description of the places in the Old Town.


This is the folder of the project.

IMG_2562 IMG_2561

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