[ Practice] Weather Garden1

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In recent days, I am trying to build my weather garden. Firstly, I am writing code for Arduino and Processing respectively. For one hand, I  used Arduino to control Wifi module and sensors(brightness/wind speed/rain drop) .On the other hand, I write processing code to control video playing and  other mutilsensory equipments(such as usb fan, LED lights and so on).




In addition, I have drawn the circuit diagram and the connected  the WiFi module, sensors and Arduino. In this stage, I did multiple tests to guarantee normal operation of the WiFi module. For instance, by checking the data from Arduino Serial Monitor and browsing  the data export on ThingSpeak channel, I can exam whether the WiFi module working or not.



However, there are some problems and shortcomings during the practice. For one thing, I still did not find a suitable wind speed sensor. For another thing, the thresholds of sensors need repeating debugging. I will try my best to solve these problems in next stage.




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