“Weather Garden”: approaching to multisensory design


In order to make “Weather Garden” to be more multisensory, I decided to do some improvements at this stage. To begin with, I want to add an USB fan on Arduino, it would be switched on automatically along with the wind video playing. In this way, visitors can make use of their touch sensor during the participation. In addition, I would lighten of some LEDs when playing sun videos, which could increase work’s visual effect.

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“To-be”Garden: Music Garden + Weather Garden

“To-be” Garden

“To-be” Garden is Tan’s final project work. It can be divided into two parts: Music Garden and Weather Garden, which provides participants a virtual world to experience multisensory interactive activity.

Part 1 Music Garden

 Music garden is a multisensory interactive design controlled by 8 infrared sensors, 1 Arduino Mega and processing. To be more accurate, when participants trigger one of the eight infrared sensors, the relevant flower will blossom with music in computer.

 Part2 : Weather Garden

This is a creative device to use weather (rain/sun/wind) to control video player. Specifically, if the weather outside (or in the different place) is raining, the signal will transmit by the raindrop sensor and play the related video; if it is sunny outside, the video will control by the temperature and humidity sensor; Accordingly, if it is wind, the wind related video will be played.


It combines the parts (video making) I am good at and interested in (multisensory design).

It’s also a creative device for users to know outside even other places’ weather in an innovative way.

 Materials for Weather Garden

1 Arduino uno

2 Wireless module

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3 Brightness sensor


4 rain drop sensor


5 wind speed sensor

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6 4 related short video sequences(wind/rainy/sun/nothing happened)