A speculative scenario


Task details:

“You are on a desert island. It looks a lot like Space 7. There is no one else around, there’s no electricity, and you’ve been here for a long time.

Using any objects you find available, please make something (e.g. musical instrument, game) that will keep you entertained on the island, alleviating monotony and isolation.”

In 15 mins from now, please present:
(i) Your response; and (ii) the rationale behind it.
Please use two sheets of paper to help communicate your response. Each pair will have 2 mins to present.

Group1 made a instrument.

They put LEGO blocks into the box and beat the box by various kinds of tools,which can make different sounds.


Group2 made a building model and a maze.

Group3 made a “balloon”darts

We use a plate as a target,putting some stickers around the plate, in the middle of the plate,there is a toothpick ,if the balloons with strings touch the stickers,you win the game,if not or teared by the toothpick,you lose the game.

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Design for Crime2

Aim :Exchange views with other groups

Methods:“Take on”the concept from another group.Please envision how you would “realise”their concept,proposition.

How you would bring your experience and expertise to bear.Please use one sheets of paper to help communicate your response.

We got a work from Meteor and Edmund,they invented an installation(headset) to avoid the potential criminal offenders,which aims to build a peaceful,comfortable society.

There are several merits and demerits about the installation:

Merits:Exciting experience for people’s 1st use, decrease the crime rate

Demerits:Unsuitable for everyday use,awkward to carry

Solutions:Due to the unportable of the headset, we considered to change the form of the installation into a watch or a necklace .When people have  motivation to commit crimes,the body will send a signal to the device(e.g.watch,necklace),and the people you set in the emergency list will get a message about your locations and take preventive measures.


Design for Crime1

There are 2 strategies for creative practice,one is Be reflective(be reflective and responsive about the meaning of your own ideas and experiences),and another is Defamiliarise (consider alternative perspectives on your ideas and experiences)

In the task about”Design for Crime”,Abigail and Robyn divided us in to several groups and let us to discuss about the topic and present our concept and the way to realise our concept in the end of the class.

Step 1 What is people’s motivation to commit a crime?

Love: a broken family,unstable relationship with lovers

Money:at the bottom of society(lack of money) or at the top of society(abuse money)

Power:abuse your power over others

Impulsion:lose one’s mind to do sth because of alcoholism or drugs taking

Forced:be instigated to commit a crime

Step2  Draw a graph to illustrate the relationship between crime and motivation.

After a heated discussion on the motivation behind crime, we found that there may be more than one potential motivation of criminal offenders.

Step 3 :How to realise our concept ?

A phone APP:Showing pictures about the reasons why people commit crimes and warning people about anticrime.

RPG(Role Play Games):Developing a game about crime,in which participants can act as criminals,cops,doctors,judges and crate an exciting story in virtual world.

Tan’s introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Tan ZOU ,a Mass Media student from China,I feel very lucky I can be a member of Creative Arts Practice,teachers and students in this area are very enthusiastic and patient,that is the feeling I am looking for.This blog can help me record the meaningful things that happens in Culture Lab,and it is also a great platform for communication.I hope all the students in MA Creative Arts Practice can enjoy the learning time in Newcastle University.


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