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NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 3

This is about the process of doing the project.

After confirmed what i wanted to do, the first thing i did is to booked some equipments from Culture Lab, including a laptop and a camera lens. And i also watched some videos about how to record the broken moment. All of these things seemed very easy.

However, every steps had troubles. Firstly, i did not have more choices about booking camera lenses (there were just two of it), after asking my friends who studied film, he told me what kind of camera lens and camera i need to use, but i do not have choice. But i need to try.

Then i want to establish a virtual studio for recording the video,and then:

my poor virtual studio for recording.


the process of building it


Next, trying to record. And i found i could not record it by using camera, because the camera can not video it clearly, because the speed of dropping is too fast. Then i decided to use mobile phone to record it (BTW, Huawei is a really great phone brand! It really save my life!)

But i faced another problem is that it is hard to broke the empty glass to do the experiment. So i must use the filled one to try again and again.

the first try (the image of the unclearly video)


second try


Then i want to change the type of drink, because it was too expensive to broke wine!

change item


Finally, it closed to success. What i learned from this personal project are:

  1. doing preparation ASAP
  2. before designing a project, try to think about its feasibility
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NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 1

This is my understanding about Tiny Datum

When i began to think about what is the Tiny Datum, i want to find some materials to help me understand. But i find nothing, so i read the brief again. Then i know that i need to figure out what is big data as my first step, because in the assignment brief, it said “As a provocation and opposition to Big Data, Tiny Datum is something that displays and interacts with a very small number of data points during its existence.” So if i can understand big data, i can think about what is its opposition.(actually it is hard for me too)

From the link which were given in the Email, i find some evidences about what is big data and what are its strength and weakness. Sometimes, its strength is also weakness, for examples:

1)big data is good at detecting correlations, but never tell its meaningful.
2)it can adjunct to scientific inquiry, but rarely succeeds as a wholesale replacement.
3)many tools that are based on big data can be easily gamed.
4)turn out to be less robust than they initially seem.
5)echo-chamber effect.
6)risk of too many correlations.
7)it is prone to giving scientific-sounding solutions to hopelessly imprecise questions.
8)as its best when analyzing things that are extremely common, but often falls short when analyzing things that are less common.

Meanwhile, i need to mention some particular words about characters of big data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value, Veracity. These words mean that big data is a base which includes a lot of information for another model to analyze, if i do not misunderstand.

In a word, big data is an important resource for analyzing data, but not a silver bullet.

However, what is Tiny Datum?
We also have some difficult explain on the assignment brief : “Tiny Datum’s data does not have to be stored or shared, its behaviour can be entirely ephemeral and self-fulfilling. Tiny Datum’s datum can relate to its own data, for example its power usage or temperature, rather than to any economic, governmental, security or scientific concern, as is typically the case in big data research. Tiny Datum should take a minimalistic approach to visualisation, sonification or data analysis.”

Ummm, so in my mind, it appeared some words: special, have their own meaning, slow, do not need to be nature, self-fulfilling, have their own data…

Finally, i had an idea, if i put the definition of tiny datum into the time frame, it can exist as a very small moment in our life. And i want to make the tiny moment to be longer than we can see normally.

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by sijiahe
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HSS8120 Creative Digital Practice: Step 2

This is the process of how i design my project

In the period of thinking about the project, i have some parties and i often noticed that some people was getting drunk. Some of them became talking too much and feeling so happy and always laughing (including me Haha), and some people just slept on the tables or sofa, etc. Actually, everyone was different when they became a little bit uncontrolled.

So, i want to do a video about life of different stages of people, through using three pieces of different bottles(beer, spirits, wine) to be the base,and put the video on the surface of it by using a projector.
(1) beer-teenagers (about their study, friendship, school life);
(2) spirits-young adults (about their changes, emotions, how they grow up);
(3) wine-adults who over 40 years old. (about their mature life, their career and family).

Meanwhile, i need to do one black image with 3 holes which use to put the video. And also learn how to use the projector. But the first thing i need to do is the video.

After thinking about this, i realize one important thing is how can i express life through recording and what i need to record. I would like to record some details about people’ actions to react their every moment in their life. And every stage use 30 seconds video or 15 images.Then i had a conversation with Tom, he raised a question about normal people drink various alcohol on different situations and it is hard to distinguish people through different ages. (Tom prefer wine BTW)And i consider he is right, i can not use age to distinguish which group of people love to drink which drink, because it depends on people’s interest.

Then i changed it to the plan B : recording the broken moment of the bottle and then play it in a slow-motion way. The broken moment is just in a second within our normal time, but even i break thousands of bottles, no one could be the same and it is hard to find a conclusion about that. Every moment has their own information, they are independent. In this project, it includes the fallen location, strength of force, etc. If i slow it down, i could let people see more information than in the normal time line(messages are already exists, but just we can not see it clearly). Also, the information of every moment in our life is unnecessary and even could not to be analysed by other model to manage the data, like big data, because we do not need to analyze our daily life our every moment.

In conclusion, what i did in this project , these are tiny datum in the real life.

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