HSS8123 Creative Practice Project: Documentation “We Cannot Go Back”

We Cannot Go Back

Time itself is uncontrollable and irreversible, and what we experienced already became the eternity like every sunrise and sundown are different with yesterday.

At the beginning of the process of creating this work, the inspiration came from a movie: “Mr. Nobody”. A paragraph about time in this movie made me think for a while. “every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else.”. And “if you mix the mashed potatoes and sauce, you cannot separate them later. It is forever. The smoke comes out of daddy’s cigarette, but it never goes back in. We cannot go back. That’s why it is hard to choose.”

This is an installation to express the connection of time and human. I wish people could live in the moment and cherish today.

In the process of designing and installing, it always needed to make a choice. Especially, I thought about the design of the clock. This was my first design, i would like to cut this to pieces and paste them on the white board.

But because i also wanted to compare the past and present, and a feeling of time flew away, i decided to have a real clock. So i used 12 unmoved clock hands to representative the past moment, and one real clock in the broken clock to representative now.


To be honest, to take part a real clock was interesting



Using AU to design the hands


Using laser cut to make the hands

Finally, to define the form

This was my first try, but it seemed like a feeling about time is a loop.



About the video, i tried to do a lot time-lapse about light and shadow, some of them were beautiful scene, and do not show the shadow i want. After i did a video about the sunrise and the first light into your bedroom, i decided to do a sunset. By using these two video to show the beginning and end in one day. And using Primere to edit it.

The color of the video is also an extremely important part in the process of making the video. It is helpful to choose right tone, because a compatible tone could help to express the right emotion in a film. After doing a lot of researches about the usage of color in videos, it was decided to be the high-contrast white and black. This also could be named Monochrome Photography, and it includes all types of black and white photography.

The color of the video was black and white

1.The two achromatic colors: black and white, could give people the emotions like severe, ruthless, lonely, etc. These are a powerful psychological hint. So, it brings audiences not only the visual impact, but also the spiritual resonance. In my work, the video is based on the passage of time, meanwhile, light and shadow are the main content in it. Therefore, black and white tones could express the ruthlessness of time passing.

2.A black and white photo with no colors looks simpler, and its content would not be interrupted by other color for people.

3.A sense of time settling down: Using the type of photography could give people a stereotype of that the photo will fade for a long time.

4.A sense of less realistic: We live in a colorful world, for most people. And when we remove the color, it will not look so real. This sense of distance also enhances the audience’s perception of the past and the present time.

After that, I need to paint the white board by myself to make sure it was white enough.


Then, to paste the clock hands.

For the interactive part.

Based on time is untouchable and untenable, and I planned to use a touch board and electric ink to make an interactive installation art. To allow audiences have the chance to feel “Time is hard to be hold”. Also, when audiences touch it and get close to it, their shadows will show on the surface of the white board. This is the second reason I preferred to have the touch trigger, because I considered that the shadow of audiences are part of my project, to show the relationship of human beings and time.

Touch Board just can play music easily by itself, but i needed to play video, so i needed processing to archive the goal. This is the processing sketch

import processing.serial.*;
import processing.video.*;

Movie movie;

final int baudRate = 57600;
final int numElectrodes = 12;
PImage bg;

Serial inPort; // the serial port
String inString; // input string from serial port
String[] splitString; // input string array after splitting
int[] status, lastStatus;

void updateArraySerial(int[] array) {
if (array == null) {

for(int i = 0; i < min(array.length, splitString.length – 1); i++){
try {
array[i] = Integer.parseInt(trim(splitString[i + 1]));
} catch (NumberFormatException e) {
array[i] = 0;

void setup() {
status = new int[numElectrodes];
lastStatus = new int[numElectrodes];

// change the 1 below to the number corresponding to the output of the command above
inPort = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[2], baudRate);
//size(640, 360);
// Load and play the video in a loop
movie = new Movie(this, “b&w.mov”);

void draw() {

image(movie, -200, 0, width, height);
if (lastStatus[1]==0) {
rect(-200, 0, 2000, 2000);
ellipse(100, 885, 120, 120);


void movieEvent(Movie m) {

void serialEvent(Serial p) {
inString = p.readString();
splitString = splitTokens(inString, “: “);

if (splitString[0].equals(“TOUCH”)) {

for (int i = 0; i < numElectrodes; i++) {
if (lastStatus[i] == 0 && status[i] == 1) {
// touched
println(“Electrode ” + i + ” was touched”);
lastStatus[i] = 1;
else if(lastStatus[i] == 1 && status[i] == 0) {
// released
println(“Electrode ” + i + ” was released”);
lastStatus[i] = 0;
// image(bg, 0, 0, width, height);




One more consideration is that, how to make audiences to touch the trigger actively. Considering that this white board is treated as a screen, a play button was drawn with electric ink on the white board. Then, to write code to program it. When the electric ink was touched, there was always a circular beam projected on the “play button”.

Painting by using electric ink and connect bare conductive board with electric ink and computer.


For myself, this was also a project to show the end of my study in the UK. In this year, i got a lot of different experiences, i met a lot of nice people. I think i will always remember everything in the UK, and hope everyone i met would like to live a wonderful life in the future.



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HSS8123 NOTES-1: The very beginning of the final show

Web for ideas: MY MODERN MET

INSPIRED BY Pablo Picasso’s quote, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

In the eyes with dial ?


There are some questions before making the project:

Why audiences have a sense of touch my project

How to make people think about my idea


2018/7/4 the article I read: Interactive art and the production of energy from the audience


[Andience participation in interactive art systems]

—- Is Instructional Signage a Necessary Evil?


Interactive art deals with audience participation

An interactive art piece using QR Code technology was created as part of the experimental procedure. Results showed that the interaction using smartdevices and QR Codes was successfully accomplished and audience engagement significantly improved when instructional signage was used.


Interactive art has only be coined in 1969

In participatory art, the audience or visitors’ participation is regarded as a necessary and fundamental element for the existence of the artwork.

Thus, participatory, in this regard, differs from communitarian participation, where art is usually a mean and not an end.

+because interactive art always associated with art pieces that involved the use of computers, this narrows the limits of the concept t but remains a large umbrella that somehow fails to provide meaningful information about the type and modes of interaction.

From the myriad of approaches and definitions concerning Interactive Art, in this study we chose to adopt the concept of interactivity proposed by Klastrup: “the measure of a medium’s potential ability to let the user exert an influence on the content/or form of the mediated communication in real time.”

Hypertextual navigation

Useful : 1.2 the issue of audience engagement

Make me think the goal of doing an interactive art work

Use a QR code to explain my work by using content, pictures or a video?

Then this article talk about collecting data through QR, and then the analysis, and S&W of the method


About the NAME/THEME of project : Your everyday / today/ time

  1. When audience touch the clock, the surface will show the time with different color to present different sky color or the pictures from the real time in other days.
  2. shadow?
  3. when audience touch the clock, the clockface will be like some butterfly fly away
  4. sth you wanna but cannot.
  5. Chinese traditional clock



Q: What do objects mean?

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After The Late Show


After the effort of our team, we had a great job in the late show . In the process of making decision on every single things, i felt excited to put our ideas together. Because of sharing our thoughts, i could come up with something interesting.

For example, when we talked about which kind of video we need to show with the song and light, we have different ideas. Firstly, we prefer to video a shadow of a girl’s dancing, but when we really put it into practice, it is hard to video a shadow. I consider why we just use some interesting quotes. Then we want to find some spirits from the movie, and we saw a movie clip about have a phone call. I thought it could totally match the phone which we designed to be the trigger, and the quotes in the scene are also perfect to show the strong emotion in this love story. Oh, where and how to put the sensor into the phone is also an trouble for us, but we did it.

And in the teamwork, it is important to divide works to everyone. Actually, at the very beginning, i could not think about better idea than other members, but I’m happy to do other things to support my team. Basically, when you actually integrate into a work, you could generate new ideas easily, even sometimes inadvertently.

In our work, i found that i might take the role of solving some little troubles and tried to find which part need to be promoted. Ans i am happy that i already knew how to use electric welding and perforating machine when i was young, because i used to be lived in a factory. I am happy that i can support my team(all girls) by doing these.

Basically,  i realized that when we have trouble, do not be hesitated to find help from our teachers and anyone else. They all happy to help us and i really appreciated this.

Finally, when we did every steps to finish our work, i would have a sense of achievement, even i felt tired. Because this is a real work that i spent a lot of energy and time on it, and it was finally done. And i felt every efforts were worthwhile.


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The late show: Everything i want is in this room

Frankie and Johnny

This is an ordinary and realistic love story.

we decided to put a phone to be a trigger to  play video and sound, also light lights.

the video i decided to use the quotes, the part Johnny made a phone call, so it also can be treated to our telephone installation. Meanwhile, the conversation is really moving,i very like it.


“Hello? Midnight With Marlon?”

“Hello, Marlon. My name is Johnny and I would like to know the name of that piece of piano music you were playing a minute ago, so I can buy the record for my lady love whose name is Frankie, is that a coincidence? Frankie and Johnny. Debussy, Claude Debussy, right. Clair de Lune, you got that?”


“Why are you doing this?”



“Everything I want is in this room.”


My favorite sentence is the last one: “Everything I want is in this room.”

Then i wrote a part of the introduction for the poster:

After experiencing many injuries and desertion, do you still have the courage to love and be loved?

The weakness of human nature sometimes leads people to go to more fearful places, and sometimes it also challenges us to face adversity. Everyone in the past who didn’t want to mention it would have been hurt. I hope that in the future you will meet people who will take you out of the shadows, and I also hope that you can be the one who impresses others with a little warmth.

Regardless of whether love comes or not, life must continue, be refueling, and be brave.

We also need to have the basic information to introduce our work in the poster and design it for good looking.




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HSS8121 Public Making:Artistic Strategies for Working with Museum Collections, Technologies and Publics

Artistic Strategies for Working with Museum Collections, Technologies and Publics – by Tim Shaw, John Bowers

My question is  “On the evidence on the paper, how successful do you think Public Making is in terms of ‘making the practice of artistic production visible’?”

The first thing came to my mind is to think about what is the success, and the answer is “reach the expected aim”. It does have the aim, and then, many aspects push this project to success, such as:

  1. Doing as many as research to understand why making the practice of artistic production visible is a good object, and how to make it is a best way.
  2. After did a lot of research, that is possible to come up with an idea about what form of the art production and how to make it and how to show it.
  3. People with different background in the team contribute alternative perspective on the work. So, trying to work in a good team.
  4. The most important thing is the technologies, and without it, they cannot achieve the goal. So, make sure positive to learn new skills, it will not let you down in the future.

These are main technological steps to finish the project:

  • Sonic Microscope and Image Sonification
  • Live Proximal and Remote and Historical Weather Data
  • Weather Station
  • Gadgeteer Ambient Atmospherics
  • Rock Harmonium
  • Field Recordings
  • Recording Water, Ice, Sand and Rocks
  • Erratic Textures
  • Cymatics
  • Mark Making


Through reading and understanding this paper, I think the success is making publics to understand the process of everything about the project in an easier way, and I also talk this with Tim and other classmates. Normal people do not have such professional knowledge to understand how time and space changed and reflected in the formation of stones and glacial. Meanwhile, all of us cannot experience it in that ancient time. However, making it visual and interactional bring publics a chance to touch and experience this big change. According one of my previous essay about art and technology, I remained a related event. “Nathalic Miebach is a climate scientist and artist, and because of her curious, she began to study astronomy and physics. Then she made abstract data about climate change to three-dimensional, and these representations as status or figures (Wallace, 2011). ” This is one thing I consider it is success, to let audiences easily understand what is the project about. Also, to let your audiences try interact with the project is a good way to arouse their interest. I personally think it can make some of people have new interest in their life, and some of them might do a deep research on it. Although this is an ideal idea, why we do not make a try?


In conclusion, I consider how to define a success is up to what is your mission in every single work. But, every success is not a coincidence, it is a “pieses solving a puzzle”. From the very beginning to the end, be assured that every little bit will be well worth it.

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HSS8121 Public Making 3

“Worms have played a more important part in the history of the world than most persons would at first assume” (Mould, 305)

At the beginning, I think every existing creature have their responsibilities to make the world working, but basically “responsibility” is a word to normally explain human behaviors. so that is basically a kind of anthropomorphism. And we all know worms do not have the sense of responsibility, but they really do a lot to contribute our life, like what the paper said: worms make history.


“How do worms make history? They make it by making vegetable mold, which makes possible “seedlings of all kinds,” which makes possible an earth hospitable to humans, which makes possible the cultural artifacts, rituals, plans, and endeavors of human history (Mould. 30 9).”


Worms have the function to makes possible an earth hospitable to humans, like other animals and objects. As they are a part of the ecosystem in this world.


A Note on Anthropomorphism


“His close observations of worms led him to conclude that worm actions are not the result of “an unvarying inherited impulse” 64-65), but are intelligent improvisations. “

About this paragraph, this behavior really like human beings, from the past to now, human invented and created a huge number of objects and system to solve difficult problems or make something easier to do, such as car, ship, as well as some formulas. Then related to art production, I think our work is intelligent improvisations too, but more advanced.


“Persons, worms, leaves, bacteria, metals, and hurricanes have different types and degrees of power, as different persons have different types and degrees of power, different worms have different types and degrees of power, and so on, depending on the time, place, composition, and density of the formation.”

Absolutely, everything has its own power, and their power can be influenced by each other, that’s why we have ecosystem and moreover a plenty of ecosystem in the world.


“It is wrong to deny vitality to nonhuman bodies, forces and forms, and that a careful course of enthropomorphisation can help reveal that vitality, even though it resists full translation and exceeds my comprehensive grasp.”


And there is another interesting thing, we discover the similar aspects and differences between animals and human, and we also try to put the uniqueness of humanity on animals, and other creatures. For example, in some cartoons, like Zootopia and Peter Rabbit, the animals always can speak, think and work like people. That is the Anthropomorphic Art in the modern world. This takes on anthropomorphism is often funny, silly, cute, sometimes creepy but rarely serious. Using animals to teach lessons can be an effective way to communicate sensitive subject matter to a child without being too emotionally taxing. Like our first group work, me with Nick and Ryan, we also make a video to use different people’faces combine with animals or nature voices. The kind of interaction can result some interesting artworks.

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HSS8121 Public Making: Theoretical approaches to the public: Foundations

What is the body politic?

This is the explanation: “All the people of a particular country under a particular government”.


Firstly, to re-think what is society? A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations


And what constitutes the society?

from this picture: I think that there are people who are busy with farming and commercial things, accommodations, goods, also the animals to be the transport, and the faith of the community, and communications. This is what I understood from the ancient picture.


According to sociologists, a society is a group of people with common territory, interaction, and culture. Social groups consist of two or more people who interact and identify with one another.


Territory: Most countries have formal boundaries and territory that the world recognizes as theirs. However, a society’s boundaries don’t have to be geopolitical borders, such as the one between the United States and Canada. Instead, members of a society, as well as nonmembers, must recognize particular land as belonging to that society.


Interaction: Members of a society must come in contact with one another. If a group of people within a country has no regular contact with another group, those groups cannot be considered part of the same society. Geographic distance and language barriers can separate societies within a country.


Culture: People of the same society share aspects of their culture, such as language or beliefs. Culture refers to the language, values, beliefs, behavior, and material objects that constitute a people’s way of life. It is a defining element of society.


In the paper, the rise of coffee houses or public salons centralized the public sphere in towns (rather than palaces) and brought about a special place for the artist and writer in public life. Every classes would have the opportunities to learn and change their new literature and artistic ideas. These places could privide people space to communicate.


So, related to Public making, is a kind of interaction for publics, Artists use different forms of expression to put their ideas into the project. I think that it means we do not need to provide a specific place for people to communicate and change their ideas about art. It aims to give people an abstract topic to talk with it in a special way, and share. Artists use different forms of expression to put their ideas into the project.

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HSS8121 Public Making—digital facades as public infrastructures

I was not sure what is façade mean at the first time, and there is an explanation: The origin of the term “façade” is derived from “facies” (lat. face), which implies convertibility, adaptability and responsiveness to external influences, like it is the case for human faces. Actually, in my mind, digital facades and urban screen are increasingly typifying of urban spaces. It is used in a lot of area, like commercial activities and art performance. As it said in the paper, digital facades have deeply impacted in urban social practice, because it related to human life in the intricate entanglement.


This paper represents an argument at the beginning: If they had some potentials, could they be re-appropriated or hacked, or would it be necessary to build new screen typologies for them to become machines of inscription that “reunite the body of the city with messages other than those emanating from the centers of power, capital or privilege”?  Then lists a lot of potentials of digital facades in the following paragraph.

1.PUBLICNESS PRODUCTION; There are three projects selected will help to explore a first range of relationships between contents, publics and interactions.

2.PROTOTYPING (IN) THE STREETS. Digital facades as laboratories for experimentation. And non-finished projects can be permanently reassembled and modified, and therefore intercepted and opened up.

3.MEDIASTRUCTURES. Digital facades as pubic infrastructures. This mediastructures facilitate creativity, social interaction or representation, and therefore could be considered as public goods

4.INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE COMMONS. Digital facades as empowerment tools.


“As objects, they can become spaces for experimentation, urban laboratories that perform in the urban space in real time. If switching attention to their performance and effects, they can be imagined as public infrastructures that facilitate or promote communal expression, information exchange, mediated experience and the construction of a collective unconscious.”


Digital media in building use change our urban appearance. When I was looking over the Shanghai skyline in the evening, I can see at least five high-rise building facades containing digital media. They are animated and flickering.

figure 1: photo of shanghai skyline by Haidafu

Nowadays, in every city, there are a wide range of using in the appearance of buildings. I also remembered every New Year’s Eve in my hometown in China, there is a digital facade show in the tallest building on the other side of the river. The main aim of the show is to let people countdown together,also to match fireworks show. In the past, we need a leading person, the flag signal or the radio to guide some social activities. In this situation, digital facades really contribute to our life in entertainment area, to make the fireworks extremely gorgeous in a modern way. Also, it is convenient to transform a signal to publics. That kind of environment really left a deep impression in my mind.


Moreover, I saw a video which shows some media & architecture examples, they are all interesting. Some architectures took it as far as turning facades into interactive canvases for creative expression. I think it is cool to make the public making have an interactive function with LED lights and urban screen. Like, using mobile phone or a touch screen to control the lights of the building surface. I personalIy very like the tracking setup, it was designed in different ways, such as, the wall lights move as people move or the lights on the ground will turn into other colors when people stand there.


In the end, I think Digital facades is an important technology to make urban cities more modern and interesting. And It have a lot of potentials, like to display ambient data such as the weather forecast, internal activity or energy consumption, est.


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NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 3

This is about the process of doing the project.

After confirmed what i wanted to do, the first thing i did is to booked some equipments from Culture Lab, including a laptop and a camera lens. And i also watched some videos about how to record the broken moment. All of these things seemed very easy.

However, every steps had troubles. Firstly, i did not have more choices about booking camera lenses (there were just two of it), after asking my friends who studied film, he told me what kind of camera lens and camera i need to use, but i do not have choice. But i need to try.

Then i want to establish a virtual studio for recording the video,and then:

my poor virtual studio for recording.


the process of building it


Next, trying to record. And i found i could not record it by using camera, because the camera can not video it clearly, because the speed of dropping is too fast. Then i decided to use mobile phone to record it (BTW, Huawei is a really great phone brand! It really save my life!)

But i faced another problem is that it is hard to broke the empty glass to do the experiment. So i must use the filled one to try again and again.

the first try (the image of the unclearly video)


second try


Then i want to change the type of drink, because it was too expensive to broke wine!

change item


Finally, it closed to success. What i learned from this personal project are:

  1. doing preparation ASAP
  2. before designing a project, try to think about its feasibility
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NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 1

This is my understanding about Tiny Datum

When i began to think about what is the Tiny Datum, i want to find some materials to help me understand. But i find nothing, so i read the brief again. Then i know that i need to figure out what is big data as my first step, because in the assignment brief, it said “As a provocation and opposition to Big Data, Tiny Datum is something that displays and interacts with a very small number of data points during its existence.” So if i can understand big data, i can think about what is its opposition.(actually it is hard for me too)

From the link which were given in the Email, i find some evidences about what is big data and what are its strength and weakness. Sometimes, its strength is also weakness, for examples:

1)big data is good at detecting correlations, but never tell its meaningful.
2)it can adjunct to scientific inquiry, but rarely succeeds as a wholesale replacement.
3)many tools that are based on big data can be easily gamed.
4)turn out to be less robust than they initially seem.
5)echo-chamber effect.
6)risk of too many correlations.
7)it is prone to giving scientific-sounding solutions to hopelessly imprecise questions.
8)as its best when analyzing things that are extremely common, but often falls short when analyzing things that are less common.

Meanwhile, i need to mention some particular words about characters of big data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Value, Veracity. These words mean that big data is a base which includes a lot of information for another model to analyze, if i do not misunderstand.

In a word, big data is an important resource for analyzing data, but not a silver bullet.

However, what is Tiny Datum?
We also have some difficult explain on the assignment brief : “Tiny Datum’s data does not have to be stored or shared, its behaviour can be entirely ephemeral and self-fulfilling. Tiny Datum’s datum can relate to its own data, for example its power usage or temperature, rather than to any economic, governmental, security or scientific concern, as is typically the case in big data research. Tiny Datum should take a minimalistic approach to visualisation, sonification or data analysis.”

Ummm, so in my mind, it appeared some words: special, have their own meaning, slow, do not need to be nature, self-fulfilling, have their own data…

Finally, i had an idea, if i put the definition of tiny datum into the time frame, it can exist as a very small moment in our life. And i want to make the tiny moment to be longer than we can see normally.

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