NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 3

This is about the process of doing the project. After confirmed what i wanted to do, the first thing i did is to booked some equipments from Culture Lab, including a laptop and a camera lens. And i also watched some videos about how to record the broken moment. All of these things seemed very […]

NSS8120 Creative Digital Practice : step 1

This is my understanding about Tiny Datum When i began to think about what is the Tiny Datum, i want to find some materials to help me understand. But i find nothing, so i read the brief again. Then i know that i need to figure out what is big data as my first step, […]

HSS8120 Creative Digital Practice: Step 2

This is the process of how i design my project In the period of thinking about the project, i have some parties and i often noticed that some people was getting drunk. Some of them became talking too much and feeling so happy and always laughing (including me Haha), and some people just slept on […]

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