HSS8121: Reflection

What interests me the most about this course is that we can get involved with different artists in different areas. For example, I quite enjoyed the walking tour with Tim Shaw. We were not supposed to talk to each other or play cellphones during the walking. This gave me an opportunity to listen to the sound around us. I still remembered when we walked into the lift in the M&S, that was the first time I never spoke to people in the lift full of people I know. And the solar sound, which using the light as the power for the little speaker. It’s interesting the speaker made weird sound under different lights.

Speaking of the ice melting experiment , I’m not a fan of it. I can’t really get the point of the experiment and the process was tough as I had to bear the freezing ice in my hand and finally got nothing from it.

The Yossarian ‘creative‘ search engine. The idea is great, the search engine created a opening community for people in different areas. For example, the word “photography”, I found it quite useful as I can even learn something new from the subtrees of this word. And during the course, we were asked to create our own word and trying to find out the connections between the words. That was interesting when we found out the impossible connections between the words.

However, what I valued the most from this course was the opportunity for me to write a proposal. I’ve never done a proposal before so I really valued it and spent a lot of on it. The topic was interests and I will even produce it in the future.