HSS8121: proposal

Why I want to research the transformation from digital cameras into film like?

As a film user myself, I found it very fascinating and convenient to use films as I don’t need to adjust the colour too much and each film has its unique colour as well. However, many friends of mine are using digital cameras and they often ask me to change them into film’s appearance. That is really a task for me as I can’t make the digital images look exactly like the films. Then I started to research whether or how can I simulate the 35mm films appearance completely.

Is film dying?

I don’t think so. Although in the 2010s, many film companies have announced that they will stop making films. Surprisingly, in 2017, Kodak announced that they will resume the production of a very famous film Ektachrome and other companies for example Italian company called Ferrania also decided to resume the production. According to Ilford’s sales figures, the recovery has been going on for some time, and in the past three years, sales have risen by more than 5% a year. So people are still loving with the films and it should be a good research proposal for researching the films.

In what ways?

Algorithms, histograms, manual editing. These are the 3 ways I figured out first. According to E. Reinhard, M. Adhikhmin, B. Gooch and P. Shirley(2001), they used simple statistical analysis to impose one image’s colour r characteristics on another. They succeeded to achieve colour correction by choosing an appropriate source image and apply its characteristic to another image. They proposed an idea that firstly transform the colour space from the RGB to LMS, then convert the result into a new colour space lαβ, which is a transform of the LMS. Then the colour-correction method operates in the lαβ space as that will allow them to treat the colours in different channels separately. Finally transform the lαβ space back to the RGB space to display. Finally, applying the colour to the target image. I was inspired by this and decided to use the histograms to test.


I believe that the digital cameras can’t 100% simulate films’ appearance as the imaging of films and electronic sensors are different. So they will perform different and film performs better in higntligh areas.