DMS8013: Works well without connecting the buzzer

Connecting to the world, or controlled by the world?

During doing this project, I watched several Cyberpunk movies.

And the Ghost in the Shell(1995) is my favourite.

I can imagine that those cyborgs in the movie is exactly what my friend trying to be except she might wants to keep her brain.

Then I started to think about what would I do if I want to be a cyborg?

So this is what my project looks like in the final.

Finished Video

The buzzer works well with the record and it even sounds like what I’m saying in the record.

Well, it’s weird that the LCD works pretty well without connecting the buzzer.

If I tried to plus in the buzzer, it will occur some interference on the screen.

Perhaps this is gonna be the very first generation of a robot me, with defects.

Here is the coding file.