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HSS8120: A script for the “actor” Donald Trump

A script for the “actor” Donal Trump Characters: Donald Trump, Tim, Trump’s body guards NO.1 and NO.2. EXT. MCDONALD’S MEET – DAY At the city centre of Washington DC. INT. TOILET CONVERSATION – DAY At the toilet of the McDonald’s. TIM, a student from UoM, big fan of Donald Trump. Pissing now, FACING the wall. […]

HSS8120: The manifesto

I’ve created 6 manifestos now and I will continue to do it. 1.Everything is real and nothing is real. 2.What you see is what you think it would be, or what I make you believe it is. 3.I am good at making chaos. 4.Covering, repeating, that’s all the steps. 5.My words are meaningless, my works […]

HSS8120: Making some noise

yo For me, this is the very new one. I have no idea how to create some music, but I’m going to make some noise for the project XD.


Key words: influence statistic hysteresis explosive growth butterfly effect media being used   I’m now mainly focus on how and why people make a post-truth post or shares and the sequence. I found out that on the Internet, not every movement are intentionally, some people but just simply clicks the button “Share” or like, and […]

HSS8120: Found this quite interesting.

hmmm, I think this could be related to the topic “Post-truth”, but I’m not sure how to crack it.

HSS8120: How to create fake news using post-truth.

Well, we all know that we can easily post a fake news on social media like Facebook and it will spreads around. BUT, another way to create fake news is to forward some real news and add something to it. Like, the news”Trump won the campaign” is true, but what if people share this and […]