Creative Project – Post 7

And so it begins.

I staged several experiments of how best  to burn and destroy the photographs. Having left the previous experiments for a matter of months, there was no change. My erasing was mostly a failure other than the bleach. Therefore bleach was carried forward to the next round of experiments (diluted bleach, as I learned from last time.)

In this round of experiments the following took place:

  • Glue on the back, bleach and burn the front
  • Wallpaper paste on the back and front (to distort)
  • Paste on back and front bleach and burn
  • Paste on back and front bleach
  • Paste on back and front burn

The following images depict the results:


I found that the best result was achieved by using paste on the back, and several layers on the front, followed by burning with the blow torch. The paste must be left for several days between layers and burning so that it is set.

Following on from this experiment, I prepared the four pieces to be exhibited by pasting the series of images chosen for each frame/theme onto a backboard, and layering them with paste on the front. Midway through this I decided I preferred them as smaller pieces rather than 4 larger boards so sawed them in half so that each theme now has 2 frames, some of which are subdivided as explained within the dissertation.

I systematically burned the photographs, and the sheet. The sheet was ironed prior to use, because no one liked a wrinkled sheet even if it is being destroyed. The sheet was par-burned prior to being place over the images as I found this gave it the best aeration to burn. It was further destroyed once placed over the images to melt the two together. I chose to forego having glass in the frames so that there is not a physical barrier or obstruction over the works.

Two remain unburned. I shan’t discuss the rationale here, it is in the dissertation. So read that if you must know.

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