Creative Project – Post 4

“Dissolve my pretties!” – Me (2017)

The second round of dissolving photographs had a much more immediate impact than the first round did. I predicted that the bicarb and vinegar mixture would have some immediate effect, however, they didn’t. Which was disappointing. I thought that once the foam settled it would leave some form of alteration on the image. How disappointing…


Bleach, however. The dissolving with bleach is my new favourite effect. It is immediate and once all of the image has ran, it is left as an entirely erased white piece of photo paper. It was quite astounding to watch.

The result of this experiment was much closer to the effects of Seung Hwan Oh – Impermeance (2012) (see Post 2). I like this look, although it may be difficult to preserve the photograph with this effect in the long term as the bleach eventually leads to a complete erasure. This could be further experimented with as different dilutions of the bleach. The physical act of immediate erasure could also be incorporated into a performance element within the exhibition itself.

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