HSS8121 : Talking About Enterprise Throuh Artistic Tank


Artistic Tank project is the proposal that I made to respond to the call of Seven Stories’ Late Shows. Basically, the Artistic Tank is a structure designed for Seven Stories’ studio on the level 1. This project is based on a science phenomenon – water can transform into different shapes when it affected by various tones. The first time I kewn this phenomenon was from a YouTuber’s video which called ‘5 Amazing Water Tricks’ . Inspired by this wonder, I got my initial idea about how to present the Artistic Tank.

But, I think the most important thing before the idea for a project proposal is responding the commission accurately, effectively communicate the work and interest to the communities that I with to engage with.

In my another moudle, the tutor told us that it’s important to know how to ‘sale’ your film. By ‘sale’, it means how to attract aduience and how to let investor think the documentay is worth to invest. So we have to know who are the target audience, how the content will attarct them and how much will the film cost?

For Seven Stories’ proposal, similarly, I considered since the studio is a dedicated space for artistic practice and a suitable area to create an artwork with paint or water etc., this structure is supposed to provide water for public to wash their painting brushes when they creating artworks. Besides, the representation of the water and the sound that it play may inspire artists and writers who work at Seven Stories to develop their creative thinking and practice. Moreover, in order to interact with the visitors and make sure it will appeal to a wide age range, when the Artistic Tank first time placed in the studio during the Late Shows, audiences can come and paint what they want or even just make a mark on it. The painting or mark maybe inspired by the programming themes at Seven Stories in May 2017 or a character/scene in the book that they read recently – which respond the ethos of Seven Stories – have creative responses to books they love. After the idea built up step by step, in order to make Artistic Tank within budget, I researched the prices of the materials that I need for making the Artistic Tank to make sure the cost within budget.

With the preparation works was done, my idea become more clearly. Now, the last step is write down the idea specifically and draw a sketch of the ideal Artistic Tank.