HSS8121 : Reflections on HSS8121



At the begining of this moudle, I was like ‘Research? Research is all about study things that I don’t know.’ And I also thought there would be no different between traditional research methods and what I would learn. But, now, in my opinion, research is not only about studying knowledge that we don’t know but also about investigate and study the fistory. Moreover, I also think doing research may help us to generate new ideas and criticize the initial idea through the research by using those innovative methods, like media archaeology, ethnography and walking and field recording.

Media archaeology :

Many notions look new and innovative, whereas they are all can be attributed to some conceptions with long history. We should go back to history, to the time that human first time recognized sound and light. In that historical period, we can find the ideas, techniques and communication theories that affected today’s. Even many of them seems to be shocking and unrealistic, we can not ignore the spirt of discovering the unknown.

Media archaeology intends to enlighten us to carry out a wide range of search campaigns to find some ideas, conceptions and practices. Which involve actions that impossible to become an object in the past or were forgotten and rejected by people or even still not cognized by people nowadays. Resulting in these actions, a large number of exciting discoveries will emerge, which will provide a kind of constructive diversity to the development of the media. The main role of the technology is not only in order to eliminate people’s fears, but rather to contribute to imagination.

Ethnography : From my point of view, ethnographic study is based on participatory observations and non-structured interviews to obtain first-hand information. Because it requires researchers do not take their own idea or notion for granted toward a phenomenon and consider this notion is agreed by study objects. For the outcomes, we should analysis them objectively and try to summarize new theory instead of determining the fact by using the existing theory. Through that way, we can supplement and modify the original theory.

Apart from these theoretical lectures, we had a practice based lecture by Serena Korda. which was amanzing – not only the project was inspired by the frogeten history but also practical. Serena Korda and us set up a radio telescope which would pick up these planetary frequencies from Jupiter and this may included sounds of radio storms and sonic emissions. After back to classroom, we edited these sounds and used it to proform together. This showed how technology combine with the art prefectly. More that this, the idea is creative but at the same time, it includes the knowledge of history, music astronomy and so on which makes an artwork not just an artwork.


How to establish an enterprise?

From Tess Denman-Cleaver’s lecture and her interesting ice – cube activity I learnt :

  • Be creative
  • Using Internet resouces
  • Always work with people
  • Seize the right time

From Yossarian I learnt :

  • Study the existences – critical thinking – create new
  • Thinking in a different way
  • Interactive design is about user-friendly
  • Brainstrom all the time
  • Find the underlying connections can make you think further
  • Rome was not built in a day,an enterprise should be built step by step( which inculde get idea, research into industry, get funded)