HSS8120 What’s Post-truth?



Post-truth – Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year.The Oxford Dictionaries website told readers post-truth could be “one of the defining words of our time.”

The term comes from an idea that became popular during the 2016 election campaign in the United States. Post-truth, as the website defines it, means to relate to situations where “objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.”

Oxford Dictionaries officials say they chose post-truth as Word of the Year because of its rising popularity. They said the term’s usage appeared to increase 2,000% in 2016 alone.

Casper Grathwohl is the president of Oxford Dictionaries. He said that the choice was no surprise after a year filled with difficult discussions about politics. He said post-truth has become popular at a time when more people are using social media to get news. Some people trust social media more for news and information than establishment media or political leaders.

If you plan to use the word, Oxford Dictionaries defines it as an adjective. An example of it is the expression “post-truth politics.” The website said that post-truth has gone from being a new term to a word often used in political commentary. Major publications now use the term without feeling the need to define its meaning.


What’s post-truth in my opinion : Firstly, I think the meaning of post-truth is the impact of emotion and personal belief surpass the fact’s. Secondy, post-truth is a phenomenon when social media is booming. Less people get news from traditional ways, like TV and newspaper.




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One of our projects – puppet animation which contained some elements that I’m not familiar with but interested in, say lights and shadows. Since I’m really into photograph as well, so I’d like to learn more about how to use those two elements in the photo properly and integrate them into further projects.




At first, it was pretty hard to find the place to set the mini characters. We find a transparent plastic surface but it didn’t works. Then we thought we can use the overhead projection in the studio to let the shadow show up and glue sticks on the puppets to hold them. Then we turned on the overhead projection and changed the angle of the light to make the character’s shadow as clear as possible. I realized we can change the distance between the light and puppet to change the clarity and size of the character. When moving the light, the shadow always move to the opposite direction of the light.

However, personally, I think the biggest drawback of this project is leak of interaction with the audience. I guess that’s a pretty important thing in terms of artworks, so I will try to add it into next project.

I think the audience of this project will be artists or people who fancy arts.