Public Data screenshots + screencast

Well, it may have been forever since that project was handed in, but at least, here’s some documentation on the outcomes of the Public Data Dashboards project I did with Daniel, Garry and Ashley.

Public Data screenshot 6   Public Data screenshot 3

These are screenshots of the finished project. The assignment was to take a piece of public data available online, and use Processing to create a ‘dashboard’, whatever that might mean. We were encouraged to be subversive in our use of public data, so we took an alarmist approach, trying to use the data we found to draw as misleading and panic-inducing a conclusion as possible.

Since ‘dashboard’ can refer to part of a car just as much as an application that presents you with condensed data, we went with road safety as a theme. The idea was to have data piling up in front of you, obscuring your view, and imagine how distracting that would be while actually driving, combined with information that aimed to discourage you from ever getting in a car in the first place. The  images came live from the Tyne Tunnel webcams with the data sourced in various statistically un-sound ways by doing textual analysis of online articles relating to car accidents and road safety.

Public Data screenshot 1

This was probably the most challenging project I’ve done so far. It really forced me to get up to my elbows in code, trying to wrap my head around other people’s scripts, fix bugs and compatibility issues to get different pieces of code to work together. A lot of it came down to figuring out how to describe the problems I was having well enough to ask the internet (and Tom) for help. Considering how new all of this was to me, I think we did alright in the end.

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