Creative Practice Project 1 – Work in Progress

So – one of my main modules is the Creative Practice Project. The idea is that throughout the year we work together in different groups to make a wide variety of different group projects, and then produce a final exhibition/big project at the end. For the first few weeks I’ve been working with Shawn, Chloe and Ares. Each group’s been tasked to put together four little hybrid projects, using all of our skills, with the aim of representing how we go about creating things.

The pieces are almost done, and when they are hopefully I’ll be able to post them here, but for now – sneak previews! Its been really fun working on these projects – one short film, one shadow puppet animation, one semi-improvised spoken word game and one weird audio-visual thing. A very weird mix, but with common themes (i.e. storytelling and time-travel, which probably says something about our interests as a group).
 Each of us has been sort of soft-core in charge of one of the projects, and I feel like that’s worked pretty well. We came up with four fairly vague ideas early on, and have been meeting quite often since then. Very laid-back, no real setting of strict goals or deadlines as long as at least one of the projects got moved along. Future projects might require a bit more structure, but for now it seems to be working just fine.

The results are definitely going to be quite makeshift and unpolished, but I think that’s sort of the point. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has come up with!

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