D&AD Award

So we recently got some really good news.  The work we did for the interim show in January when we designed a shower interface for altering the shower experience through touch and gesture and direct interaction with the water has been awarded a D&AD yellow pencil.  This is a really big deal for us as […]

Instrument for Topography

So this is a little project I have made in conjunction with friend of DM Ed Carter for his show at Green Man in August. The instrument uses Open frameworks and Puredata. It takes topographic data form a map (not as easy to get as you might think) and plots the points onto a map […]

New Job

In other News, I have a New Job – it is only new in terms of the Blog as I have now been doing it for a few Months. It is really excellent. Initially I wasn’t sure if UX was the right thing but it is actually a perfect combination of my interests. For anyone […]

RCA Final Show

So life is finally beginning to level out a bit and I have been told by at least 3 people that I look a bit healthier than the last time they saw me.  This is in part to a reduction in my requirement to travel the length of the country every week and due to […]

Tuke Sprint

I have been away from Newcastle for a little while – last week we attended a great little workshop for open frameworks.  Arranged by Will Pearson the workshop was commissioned by the charity 'Sound and Music' to generate some interactive prototypes to test in a new special school being built in Peckham – the Tuke […]

Reactickles oFNCL Lab

Quick update on the progress of ofNCL last Lab.  We had a 2 day lab hosted at CL based around the theme of reactikles.  reactickles is a project initiated for developing interactive environments for children and adults on the autisitic to engage with.  They dont have any goals in of them selves other than to […]

MMME Presentation

Sadly I couldn't make the recent presentations for the MMME projects but the work Pete and I have been doing on designing the system for exploring the historical archive has been completed to a level where it can be shown / pitched.  I hope everyone enjoyed the idea and could see the scope the project […]

MMME Project Development

Pete and I have been working almost tirelessly on this idea – sadly there is little tangible evidence of this – but I wanted to write down some f the ideas we are moving towards and how we got there. We are looking at making an iPhone app that allows users to navigate a repository […]

Mirror Interface

  Recently Jess and I have been experimenting with a new interface for musical expression.  Her project is about creating an interface which serves not only as a visualisation of what is happening sonically but also a manipulation interface which simultaneously affects the sound. After initial experiments we created a mirror which reflects an image […]


Data vis exercise I did a few weeks ago which was part of a brief I had to fulfill o get an interview for a job.  Sadly I did not get the job but I thought I would share the results incase it is interesting to any of ou guys who are doing data-vis type […]