Switch Mode

I have completed my project, and decided to call it switch mode. The final piece is a series of images based on my sketches in processing, collaged against a series of photographs shot on 35mm. The main outcome of the sketches was that there were five main groups of overall structures within the sketches, but unequal […]

Tiny Datum blog post #2

I have decided to structure each sketch as follows, background colour determined by chord I of the key Fill colour determined by chord IV of the key Stroke colour determined by chord V of the key a quad determined by the values of the ascending scale a bezier determined by the values of the descending scale […]

Tiny Datum 1

For my creative digital media project I have decided to convert the musical scale into a set of tiny data which will shape a visual piece that I am going to create in processing. I have begun by assigning each note to a number (1-17), and exploring the various ways in which the numbers can […]