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Initial Ideas

Niklas Roy – My little piece of Privacy

YouTube Preview Image


Initial Ideas on the concept of Myth. Luckily this ties in with ideas I’ve been experimenting with already. The idea of people believing that Global Warming is a Myth and blown out of proportion and how people believe that they are not individually responsible….. will be having a few more thoughts on this as I develop my idea.

Link to a site holds articles on the Myth of Global Warming

Public Screens and the Transformation of Public Space – Scott McQuire, Nikos Papastergiadis & Sean Cubitt

It seems silly but until someone points something out you forget that you knew it already, for example the text explores the history and change of domestic space wit the relocation civic engagement. When we brought the radio and TV into our homes we brought with it advertising, no longer was the only method of communication through billboards and newspaper etc. they was now a medium for which advertisers to control content within the public’s own homes….this has meant that we now consider the TV suspicious.

The big screens project and others like it are returning the medium back to its basic form.

Wikipedia definition
Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochromatic (shades of grey) or multicolored. Images are usually accompanied by sound.

The inclusion of big screens in the city are bringing a new dimension into public spaces, enhancing social cohesion and creating a positive urban image. Allowing for Community Identity, “providing a coherent spatial environment”. This going against the normal comments about the emergence de-centred cities.

How to break the connotations associated with the Media and Audience perceptions is key to success of such ideas
-location, key for audience migartion
-sense of communal space and audience role within
-content, key to allowing community to contribute and have ownership with space.

“Screen as Gallery” – artworks to generate new social relationships in public space.

Media in Public

I’ve sketched out an idea that sanjay and I have been working on. Inspired by Shimon Attie and the Image Fugulator we thought that it would be really interesting to covertly project archived images of the Newcastle miners into spaces around the city that have a connection to the industry.


Anotehr idea was to ran along a similar idea as a current London based project that allows a ap to use your GPS co-ordiantes to show archive images of that location. If it works why change it! I thought something like that around Newcastle would work lovely.


I went out for a walk to have a play with my idea for ASSIGN EX5A.

My idea was to use the mock devise to stream out advertisements within the city scape. I have been working on a mini photographic project on this theme and I thought that I could see what kind of result a possible pre installed advertisement free city would look like allowing the ordianry person to ignore the bombardment of advertisement.

Baudrillard Simulcra and Simulation

Thinking Reflection

Before I began the reading I thought it apt to have a little look into what Baudrillard wrote about, his thinking etc. I came accoss several new words – epoch (new word for me – time reference) and simulcra (another new word – likeness, similarity).

Pages 3-20

1 – The difference between faking and simulating …. a simulation takes on the qualities of the thing (real), faking however does not and therefore leave the real intact.

2- The Hyperreal and the Imaginary. Questioning our social realities and how we invent magical/ ficticious places to prove that our normal surroundings are real. Baudrillard stating that thye are not real but simulations concealing the truth.

I couldn’t but help to compare Baudrillard’s ideas about a Generation of the Hyperreal with the concept of Plato’s Cave. We make our own caves and look onto to the back wall watching the shadows of the real that pass before its entranc. If we turned we would see the real but we are happy with our wall as nothing that is real can be real as the thing that we imagine. The thing that we imagine is not real, there is no exact match to our imagination in reality. It is an ideal version.

3 – Mobius – Spiraling Negativity. Proof can only be achieved by the presence of its opposite. For example, there can only be dark if there is light. One justifies the other.

4 – The Strategy of the Real. If real is impossible therefore so is illusion.





For my soundwalk I wanted to see what water and the changing amount of water in a bottle would do when in contact with the environment. I had initially thought about creating a stream in the street but the practicalities to achieve this I believe would be massive and probably illegal!  My location was High Bridge again as I seem to be drawn there and wish to explore the idea of the forgotten river. I really like the resonance of the bottle on the cobbles up until the bottle broke! I promise I picked up the pieces!


Sanjay and I are planning on a little public intervention around the city, creating boxed slide projectors that will flash a projected image into the landscape when another camera flash is triggered.

Very much inspired by von Bismarck’s Image Fulgurator .

The idea is use the councils photo archive selcecting relevant images that are inheritantly linked to the selected locations. For example a Spital Tongues Colliery worker onto the civic centre, alluding to the Victoria Tunnel that passes beneath.

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