video blending fail

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Perception experiments


Playing around very crudely and quickly with how toВ initiateВ some subtle movements into final piece. Cinemagraph made form crappy stills camera… footage works so much better as you can break down subtle movements into frames and get a more subtle effect, plus a tripod would have been useful. This again is an attempt to make the viewer aware of their ownВ presenceВ and create some self reflection. From project meeting it was brought up that subtle movements by themselves will make the viewer self aware. В As a quick sketch I think that this is something that I can incorporate into project but obviously need to work on the technique a bit more and use video footage…even quick shutter and fps will not look smooth.

All Eyes on You

All Eyes On You from Britzpetermann on Vimeo.

Thanks got to Adrian for brining this to my attention. Very apt for what I have been playing about with!

Victoria Tunnel

I thought this could be a really interesting location to explore…route…etc.. as it is a forgotten part of Newcastle rich industrial history….