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After experimentation and playing about with video transitions and blends it has (as previously mentioned) meant that I am unable to proceed as planned. I have thought about hw to include the same idea as before having separate characters appear as the user moves around. After thought and sketching I have decided to proceed with creating a panorama : A panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) is any wide-angle view or representation of a physical space, whether in paintingdrawingphotographyfilm/video, or a three-dimensional model.


The reason for this is I will be able to create a vista, a 180* degree space that we can not achieve without the use of technology. This also will invite the viewer to move so that they can view the whole image at once, this movement in turn affecting the video that they are witnessing. Thus, they will not be able to take in the full scene unless they stop and take notice. Then if they move again the scene  will have changed and they must reflect again on the new scene.




Kinect Music video

YouTube Preview Image


Is that 2 Kinects I see?

Bash need

Having some issues with Osceleton quitting in terminal, its having segmentation errors... it seems I may need to look into bash script so I can restart the command....

!!        Run the last command again


So I’ve been having some issues with my video peice, either memory errors occur or when using GSMovie objects and converting them to PImages they decide to just draw black pixels after a short time working. So I’ve come across tint() function. Did a quick sketch and looks like its worth investing a quick sketch using video footage.

If this does not work however I have been playing about with maybe using several versions of the sketch running on different machines, therefore allowing desired results (hopefully). That or have separate characters  reacting to user presence on their own screen. Will be thinking through this over the next week. Logistics are equipment, space etc.

Sound recordings have been made now and its just getting the sketch working correctly as well as processing and grading the film footage.

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