Infrared camera phone test

Simple image test of my camera phone picking up tv remote IR…. plus a nice look at my jazzy 1960’s carpet!!!

MIP spectacle

So I decided to see if I could highlight the fact that there are rivers running under the city so I recorded a river and uploaded it onto my mobile phone as I thought this could be hidden away and would play the audio at a subtle level…plus it was easier than lugging a stereo around. Success? Well no…from the video you can see that people realised a sound was coming form the alley but it didn’t take their interest any further than turning their heads! SAD! I think my subtelty was maybe to subtle! I did ask a few people that were walking down the street if they realised it was an old bridge above a forgotten river…the overwhelming answer was No they did not apart from my old boss that I bumped into. I even spoke to a few of the shop keepers and they too were unaware bar a few older members. I think some sort of physical representation is needed or stimulus…I think I might try and get my hands on some wire and make dosing rods and walk around to see if this will work and maybe make a few extras to see if people want to take part…anyone up for that????


So, Processing/ Doing has finished and I’ve just come up short in visualizing my idea. So what I have done is animated what I wanted the sketch to do, that over time as the sensor heats up the iceberg will disappear due to the users input of body heat. I’m happy enough with the outcome and I have definitely pushed my coding skills and learnt allot along the way. I imagine with a little help I could have the sketch working exactly as i had planned but deadlines are deadlines maybe next time.



After playing around with making a new class to produce my “iceberg” it seems that its not behaving the way I wished so I’ve reverted back to using a simpler format of animating the blocks to produce the desired affect of a melting iceberg.

code so far

float boxSize = 50;//
//float margin = boxSize*2;
//float depth = 1200;
float cubeSize = 200;
color boxFill;

float opaque = 255;
//can I use texture mode to place image of Ice/ glacier onto sketch??? didn’t work so far
void setup() {
size(900, 900, P3D);//size of space 3d object
noStroke();//no hard line
//frameRate(60); // 60 frames per second (default)

void draw() {
lights();//can i change these to above? yes
directionalLight(80, 80, 80, 20, 20, -10);//better light onto cubes
// ambientLight(102, 102, 102);

// Center and spin grid on y
translate(width/2, height/2, -200);
rotateY(frameCount * 0.01);
//rotateX(frameCount * 0.01);

// Build grid using multiple translations
for (float i =- cubeSize; i <= cubeSize; i += boxSize) {///z
for (float j =- cubeSize; j <= cubeSize; j += boxSize) {//y
for (float k =- cubeSize; k <= cubeSize; k += boxSize) {//x

boxFill = color (20,100,180,opaque);//colour alpha of box
//make alpha 0 and increase to 255 as heat/ time increases
translate( random( -900, 900 ), 200, random( -900, 900 ));//cubes representing melting ice and sea…same amount as cube to show conection
box(boxSize, boxSize, boxSize);

// frameCount 600 = 10 seconds
//if (frameCount == 600) {opaque = opaque -10;}

//from top to bottom …row 0,0,0 alpha decrease as heat/ time increase
translate(k, j, i);//create large cube centre using float values
box(boxSize, boxSize, boxSize);
//opaque = opaque-5;

/* pushMatrix();
translate( random( -200, 200 ), 200, random( -200, 200 ));//moved to above so main cube on top
box(boxSize, boxSize, boxSize);
opaque = opaque-1;

still trying to work a few problems out as I haven’t been able to get the sketch to behave in accordance to analogue input.


So i’ve been playing around with a LM35 temperature sensor, waterproofed it and attached it to an arduino to capture input. So far so good all is working well and I found a sketch to convert readings into actual temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit.

code taken from arduino forum.

int potPin = 0;				     //input read pin for LM35 is Analog Pin 0
float temperature = 0;			    //variable which will be calculated in process

void setup()
  Serial.println("LM35 Thermometer    ");	 //Print "LM35 Thermometer" once at start

void  printTenths( int value){
   // prints a value of  123 as 12.3
	Serial.print(value / 10);
	Serial.println( value % 10);

void loop ()
  int span = 20;
  int aRead = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i < span; i++) {	  //loop to get average of 20 readings
    aRead = aRead + analogRead(potPin);
  aRead = aRead / span;

  temperature = (5.220*aRead*100/1024);	     //convert voltage to temperature
  Serial.print ("Analog in reading: ");
  Serial.print (long(aRead));	 //print temperature value on serial screen
    Serial.print (" - Calculated Temp: ");



Manovich – Interaction as an Aesthetic Event

“Aesthetization of information tools” – how our tools when removed from the working environment have taken on new consumer driven characteristics – “friendly, play- ful, pleasurable, aesthetically pleasing, expressive, fashionable, signifying cultural identity, and designed for emotional satisfaction”

“designers no longer try to hide the interfaces. Instead, the interaction is treated as an event, as opposed to “non-event”, as in the previous “invisible interface” paradigm. Put differently, using personal information devices is now conceived as a carefully orchestrated experi- ence, rather than just a means to an end. The interaction explicitly calls attention to itself. The interface engages the user in a kind of game. The user is asked to devote significant emotional, perceptual and cognitive resources to the very act of operating the device.” p2

experience economy -businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory itself becomes the product – the “experience”. More advanced experience businesses can begin charging for the value of the “transformation” that an experience offers (wikipedia)

This evolution of technology has affected other experiences.
This can be seen in the gallery environment….the public expect an interaction…they expect to have to complete a task or play a role due to how technology now encourages involvement and stimulus.


High Bridge Sound Idea

Initial Ideas

Niklas Roy – My little piece of Privacy

YouTube Preview Image