Time Lapse Walk Through of some places of Interest around Newcastle Media in Public

Really intersting new app from the Museum of London


I love this idea of documenting a cities history within the context of the music world. This is a historical document combining detail of how the city bred so much musical talent. A little bit of heritage in your hand. Also very apt with my current work looking into creating a sort of participatory tour of the city with folk music and sopunds.

Victoria Tunnel

I thought this could be a really interesting location to explore…route…etc.. as it is a forgotten part of Newcastle rich industrial history….

Victoria Tunnel Google Map

link to map of Interesting site that goes unnoticed in Newcastle.

Media in Public Walk Through

As part of the Media in Public Module I have walked around, taking pictures, of some places around Newcastle that I find particularly interesting. As Jamie requested I did not look through the viewfinder and I they have seen no editing.

The reason I am interested in these sights is that they have played roles in Newcastle past. High Bridge crossed a river and was the site of Lord Armstrongs Water Powered Rotary 1838. Side has a unique cobbling that represent the rivers that flow beneath it feeding the Tyne River.В  It is also the home of Amber and is the main route from the city to quayside. The Holy Jesus Hospitalhas been a 4th-century Augustinian friary, Tudor tower, 17th-century almshouse and a Victorian soup kitchen. It is nestled between 60”s structures and also is enclosed by the Pilgrim Street roundabout. I feel that this site is mostly overlooked and it has a bizarre almmost sinister route to negotiate. There is also a public artwork on the roundabout that I have no idea what and who it is by?

My photostreams

High Bridge – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesdavoll/sets/72157625997693988/

Holy Jesus Hospital Soup Kitchen – http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesdavoll/sets/72157625872499577/

Side –http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesdavoll/sets/72157625872562545/

I also shot some basic timelapses of the walks as well to see if the act of moving around these spaces gave any insight into how people interact within them.

Useful resource for old images of the TOON!

Really helpful resource form Newcastle Library..yes they have a flickr full of old images of Newcastle!