Intended Thought 90: Experiences Portfolio-ed

In reflection. I can see it now, in space, this space, about space. Make the work, and the space makes more work. But also the place, placement, placing. Plain. Not much can be said, so people talk too much.


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completion of Artwork & Audience Portfolio
  • Completed tutorial with Irene
    • Discussing progress on Interrogating You Discipline Research Project


~ Reflective Overview ~

In completing my assessment for the Artwork & Audience module, it was interesting to look back and consider what I actually took away from the experiences. Since I mostly took a backseat with regards to the planning experience of the exhibitions (since I had already experienced having to do such things, whilst others hadn’t). In the end I think the most prominent aspect of the two exhibitions was the way in which I made my work interact and engage with the physical sites themselves. And also how to deal with art that is on the whole very ambiguous.

Within the meeting about my ongoing research project, I was concerned that I had not made enough progress, since my research had steered me a little away from tattooing itself, and more into the actual machines and processes they used. But in discussing what I had learnt and the elements of interest that had developed through my shadowing at the tattoo studio, I realised there was so much connecting it to my current interests for my final exhibition piece. Therefore, it is through this strand of research that I hope to inform the current mess of ideas I have in my mind regarding my final dissertation research and work.


~ Referred References ~