Pellucid Publishing Presents

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Presentation Presents Presence

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Presenting a presentation proclaiming the presentation’s presence as the presenter, proves potentially problematic. Perhaps, providing peculiar paths and purposes, propel the project’s purpose, whilst piercing preconceived projections of presentation payoffs.

Processes proceedings precautions.

Pattern Bound Production

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– – – Measures and Calculations – – –


Number of Lines for Punches = Number of Pages

Defining the Punches

Line 0 = no. ‘the’ / no. Pages

Line 1 = no. ‘he’ + no. ‘she’ / no. Pages

Line 2 = no. ‘it’ / no. Pages

Line 3 = no. ‘a’ / no. Pages

Line 4 = no. ‘no’ / no’ ‘truth’s

Defining the Spacing

Line 0 = always 1cm from start

Line 1 = no. Words / no. Lines

Line 2 = no. Characters (no spaces) / no. Lines

Line 3 = no. Characters (with spaces) / no. Lines

Line 4 = always 2cm from Line 3

Binding Black Boxes

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Hand-cut. Hand-lined. Hand-written. Hand-ordered. Hand-censored. Hand-bound.


Rhythms of Algorithms

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What Happens When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall? The Stunning Elbphilharmonie

New numbers, new summations and to build, create and summit. Submit? To build for design, rather than design for the build. I hate numbers, but oh they almost sing in tangents upon tangents, bars of the unnecessary, the meaningless charges of choice notes.

Perform Presenting En-TWINEd

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Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 05.10.07

Taking some time to process completely new methods and programs of working. Developing games through text, and being soul solo project within said module is highly pressuring. Many issues have occurred and fall backs from lack of system knowledge and experimentation. However, guidance from Lewis has proved essential. Whilst also acknowledging the limits of Twine itself, allows frustrations to fade and be replaced by clearer focus.

Additionally, new ideas have arisen, not just to produce a okay through game as a presentation, but involving the presentation as an entity. How might truth be reshaped in the process of presenting?

Title Duel.

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Truth is usually perceived in titles, titles being the summation and declaration of content. Thereby, which title stands true? The intended or the perceived?

Lewis and I developed a system of story evolution. In beginning the cycle simply base on the concept of ‘post-truth’, the first book was written and titled by Lewis, then without sharing the title read and interpreted by myself, who retitles the book, the new title inspiring the next story. However now a singular book dons two names. One being the author’s one being the reader’s.

Developed titles:

No.1: Vendit Vidit Mentitum   – – –   One Truth, One Lie
No.2: I Blame the Parents   – – –   Whose Gray
No.3: Watching Paint Dry    – – –   A Hell by Any Other Name
No.4: Science according to Dennis    – – –   In Fact and Flair
No.5: Words Taken    – – –   Escapism is an Art
No.6: Adventures in Arbitrary    – – –   Stan’s Kafka
No.7: Sans Content    – – –   Before, then If