Has the truth ever mattered?

What was before post-truth?… just ‘truth’?

Post-truth implies there was always a truth before its implication

So does that mean all political coverage for example before its implication were just ‘truth’

Pre-post-truth politics? Where politicians deal with only facts, or was it that those facts were just more believable? But they weren’t though, we all knew they weren’t, we all knew politicians talked bullshit, we all just went along with it because we couldn’t imagine a world where it didn’t exist, or at least couldn’t imagine how to achieve that world.

Or did we? maybe it was the opposite who am i to say? who am i? to say? to say what? did who?

Politicians always lied, post-truth is just a façade?

If the truth doesn’t matter, what does? is it emotional response? is this an emotional response? am i being too emotional right now or rational or the opposite? what is the opposite? 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 0

Does that make certain people who take advantage of these ‘powers‘ bad or good? can you define bad? good? who’s morale compass is accurate enough to decide if he or she is a BAD person. accurate to what? what are we measuring this accuracy with? your own complex or your god complex? is this even complex or a complex?



Distribution of information?


Selling an ideology


Trump – Make America great again

Coca Cola – Taste the feeling

McDonalds – I’m loving it

Coca Cola – Red – Trump – Red

Putin? or his mate thats good with the confusion tactics?

Is post truth just a way of saying you’re being told lies? find me someone who’s surprised? is this new?

actually don’t

or do

don’t listen to me
what are ‘lies’ anyway?

Something we are TOLD that Is not truth?

whats the truth? anyway? who gets to decide whats true?


is this confusing you?

I don’t know you tell me, this is just a think piece.

why are you even reading this?

are you trying to form your own opinion or just get influenced by mine?

is this just a think piece?

7 reasons why post-truth blogs are not very influential, you’ll won’t believe what number 7 is!
“that’s just how politics work”

Post-truth =/= Pro-lies – Past-lies


Bait me


no he’s making a good point you should listen

formulate your ideas around it?

STREAM of consciousness?

but who’s consciousness?…


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