External Signal Processing w/ Coil Pick Up

I’ve been thinking about how to expand the use of my newly acquired coil pick up, and i’ve been recently playing around with a couple basic external signal processing patches (trigger our/in, CV in, V-F converter) with my Korg MS-20, you put one and one together and you get this; Although this is a rather […]


Thought i’d post some photos of the development of my project; Some planning and laying out of ideas, and building upon them. Vladislav Surkov was a big inspiration. Confusion, and information, and the confusion of information to cause a dada-esque rejection of rationality and reason.   More about this soon!


https://youtu.be/Xm38c5QLLhM ? https://youtu.be/Xm38c5QLLhM ? ? https://youtu.be/Xm38c5QLLhM ? ? ? https://youtu.be/Xm38c5QLLhM ? ? ? ?

HSS8120: True or False, In which year did we all drown in filth? *ask’s the audience*

  Has the truth ever mattered? What was before post-truth?… just ‘truth’? Post-truth implies there was always a truth before its implication So does that mean all political coverage for example before its implication were just ‘truth’ Pre-post-truth politics? Where politicians deal with only facts, or was it that those facts were just more believable? […]

Documentation of Work

Outcome = A Physical Exhibition of Art; The presentation and way the art was viewed – documented by a photograph of someone viewing the work.   Audience: An AI Bot   Object of documentation: The presentation of physical works documented in the form of a photograph of someone viewing the work.   Purpose; explaining the photograph of […]