— Edmund Nesveda

March, 2015 Monthly archive

I decided to build a big coil, trying to replicate Joyce Hinterdings Aerology at a smaller scale. Design choice 1 was a bit odd, 10 small coils, but didn’t exactly work as expected.

IMG_20150312_141230 IMG_20150312_150119 IMG_20150312_141426

It took 2 hours and 100 meters of copper wire, but the tests didn’t show it was more effective than the small telephone pickup coil.

Next design choice will be a single big coil.

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Last weeks homework for Live Electronic Performance, as we didn’t have time in the lecture, here it is: PD, pix_multiimage, blend and small homage to Luis Bunuel.

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Making a simple oscillator  using a CMOS 4093 Chip and some basic components. Simple, Fun!

IMG_20150310_152201 IMG_20150310_144923 IMG_20150310_142859

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Joyce Hinterding at AV Festival 08, taking it to extreme, transforming the gallery into a giant listening device. I wish I had done that, but still planing on building a large coil, capture sounds and use then for my Documentary Film soundtrack.

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