— Edmund Nesveda

February, 2015 Monthly archive

Time to start cleaning my PD patches, make everything nice and well laid out, time to think of the visual styling of the patch as well as its functionality.



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Another of my ‘instruments’  making music; this time three tracks quickly edit in Audacity (harddrive, ethernet and mouse). The one making the high pitch noise is the mouse, just love how crazy loud it is. Also I continue to be fascinated by these ‘silent’ objects and how much noise they actually make.

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Playing the camera. I like the idea of using one something made specific for one purpose and subvert that; the same way you can edit photos on Audacity, using a camera to generate sounds.    I used a telephone pick-up coil, recoding the electromagnetic waves generated by operating the Panasonic GH4. Each button push created a specific sound, especially the electronic shutter. It felt almost like playing a instrument because of a certain predictability of the sounds coming from the camera. Next to play with is my old Canon 50D.

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