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January, 2015 Monthly archive

This is a quick test, unedited, no sound, just to get an idea of how to move forward. Shot with Panasonic GH4 , in-camera slow motion and warp stabiliser applied in Premiere Pro. next step would be to cutaways and a soundscape.

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Better later than never, here’s the sequence submitted  for assessment for the  COM8005 module. Filmed at Causey Arch in County Durham

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Out in the cold night doing some recording, trying to work on a second story for the installation.

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The “Concrete Fictions” project was conceived some time ago, inspired partly by TRUCOLD by BlastTheory, in terms of imagery, partly inspired by personal experiences of living in the concrete jungle. Urban alienation and 1960’s architecture seemed to go hand in hand in creating a bleak tableau. Over a period of time, various recordings, sound and image, were made, in the hope of putting them in some format at some point. The more I spent trying to edit them in a convention linear form, the more it eluded from me. Short 2-3 minute mini-narratives was the best conventional format that seemed to work. Reflectiveness and Defamiliarisation; can a new format by applied to the footage, expanding the 2-3 minutes mini-narratives into interactive sketches, replacing the initial idea of creating a larger narrative, with an interactive video installation. A Kinect connected to a Processing Sketch will provide the interaction interface, 5.1 sound and projection on a large surface, to create an immersive experience.


no interaction, normal video projection empty park with atmos sound in background city noises.

no interaction

1st interaction

viewer moves closer, triggering change of video, sound suggesting CCTV is tracking people walking by

2nd interaction


viewer moves again, video changes this time CCTV tracking him

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Project Proposal

Video installation:

Concrete fictions.

I like long takes, I love slow takes, trying to combine my like for video slowness with digital technology, (Processing Arduino,sensors ) is something that concerned me the past months. The idea of creating little fictions set in urban area came a while ago when I came across Trucold from Blasttheory. The ability to add little interactions which could give power to the viewer to fictionalize their surroundings and to experience things which are not really there, became evident a bit later when contemplating a format for the footage recorded. The attempt to edit them in  classic linear narrative didn’t work, unsurprisingly, but I had to revisit my original idea,  the reason why I started this course, that to create interactive short films.

One source of inspiration was this:


I like the way they use the limitation of technology (pushing the ISO to max) to create digital artefacts on the footage, almost like surreal appearances, strange apparitions.


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Tint function using the mouse position to control the alpha channel and thus the blending.

here the alpha is controlled by data from the distance sensor, it’s not smooth and the readings are really wild switching from 10 to 100 and back. Either the sensor is inaccurate or I’m doing something wrong with the Arduino sketch.

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