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November, 2014 Monthly archive

I identified two possible projects for HSS8120, but still need further research un.til deciding which way to go. Learning to send data, sensor data, from Arduino to Processing is going to be part of either projects and thinking about the live event as well. The following is a simple test, sending and visualizing  data from a Piezo disk.


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Finally Windows gave me a break, Processing and Arduino are talking! While I had no problems on a Mac with Tom’s sketches, on win7 it seemed like a real challenge configuring ports and figuring out additional drivers. Done, and  moving on.



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First real Arduino home practice with the new kits. It’s a modified love-o-meter, into a thermometer. Temp scale: base temp set to 18C. (yellow LED), 21C and 24C (green LED), 16C (red LED).


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I’m back with the edit I wanted to do in first place

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Data to music using Algorithmic Composer and PD.  This time I used global deforestation data, after a bit of scraping and some very worrying figures regarding the future of our forests. Data from here: http://wdi.worldbank.org/table/3.4,

I chose 4 data rows, one for my home country Romania, the other three were the countries with the highest deforestation data (big numbers work well with Algorithmic Composer). In future I’ll try to develop on the idea, maybe to incorporate visualizations as well, or if I find some live data



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First assignment deadline has arrived! Sneak preview of first sequence, edited amidst confusion regarding the brief (shot list, sequencing, editing). It was edited to be as close to the brief as possible. Personally I would’ve done it differently, maybe I’ll re-edit it.

I just really hope the next assignment will be more clear.

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While trying to figure out how to scrape I did a search on Google and found this site


It’s a free Chrome browser extension and does pretty much what scraperwiki does. There’s a nice tutorial al well.

I did a small exercise in tone with the Monday lecture, scraped some earthquake data, most recent quakes in my home country.

scrapin1 scrapin3scrapin4

More tests to come regarding the functions of the program.

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