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Found this article in the  ACM Digital Library, using documentary film as tool for research. Nice link between two of my modules.

Design Documentaries:
Inspiring Design Research Through Documentary Film

This paper shows how we can take inspiration and use
techniques from documentary film in pursuing user
research. Documentary filmmaking has a long history of
portraying everyday life in ways that leave the erratic,
elusive fabric of the everyday intact. This may be valuable
as interaction design currently embraces issues of
engagement, expression and aesthetics. We discuss key
documentary formats, and suggest that a purely
observational approach may not be most valuable for design
research. Three design documentaries are discussed to show
how different documentary approaches can be used in
practice to inform the early stages of design. We suggest
that, for design research in HCI, film can be much more
than a note-taking tool; we can use it as a means to explore,
understand and present the everyday, and benefit from
film’s capabilities to preserve ambiguities and paradoxes
instead of resolving them into univocal conclusions.”


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Just bought from ebay, can’t wait to start testing

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Found this guy’s work by accident, doing research for possible projects ideas.

With a few contact mics, a loop pedal, a projector and a LEAP Motion controller, Faire has essentially provided the surface tools to turn any hard, flat area into an instrument. Emphasis on the word “surface” in that last sentence, though. When live it seems to have remarkably few components, but its incorporation of Arduino processors and Piezo sensors and guitar pick-ups and music programs like Ableton Live and MAX/MSP weaves a richly complex series of behind-the-curtain computation–all of which are intrinsic to Contact’s portability and efficacy.

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It’s early days but worth starting the research for the degree show. Love the idea of playing with the long take while exploring issues around perception and subjectivity. John pointed towards this installation and it could be a good start.



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One of my favourites, worth watching. The fly on the wall…

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It was voted the best documentary of all time:


There are several versions with sound out there, I think this one is the most true to the spirit if the film.

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not bad if you’re into weird filters and have time to play:



much more interesting is this:


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Started playing with Pure Data, first tutorials etc, meanwhile I found this. All I need is some interesting data..


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1 min editing masterclass from Hitchcock

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