Wireless lovers meeting

This post is about an event that I organised because of my project. It won’t have any reflect on the final result of it, so there is not actual need to tell it, but I thought it could be nice to share he experience here. As I’ve interviewed 12 couples for the project and share with them the other couples’ stories, I thought that it would be very nice if they had the chance of finally meeting one day. So I rented a room in Bar Loco (the gallery) and organised a sort of “premiere” of the project (I write “premiere” like this because it was not exactly a premiere as the project is not done yet, let’s say it was an advance). So I edited a video of 30 minutes long for the event. So firstly people watched the video and then they met each other. It seems that people liked, at least that’s what I was told. Riar, one of my classmates, was at the event helping me! He was actually filming it. As soon as I can I will add the video of the event. In the meant time you can check the picture (some couples + audience).