My real documentation for Skype (competition)

In June I found out that Skype was organising a media competition. See below the description:

Win $20k to create your content idea

Fantasy worlds, a thought provoking documentary or maybe a spin on the reality show? 
We’re on the lookout for an idea that’s creative, 
innovative and inclusive – all the values that Skype embodies.
An idea we can help fund with a grand prize of $20,000. 

Skype needs be included in the show itself. That’s not to say
we want to advertise it in your film, just include it as part
of the format, or highlight how our technology helps communication.

In one of modules of the second semester (HSS8121) I had to make a video for getting funding to my project, therefore my target audience was funders. I have always had in mind Skype as a potential sponsor or funder for my project. Actually, one of my initial ideas was to present this project I’m doing as a demo for Skype. Then, this opportunity came but unfortunately I didn’t get it. 

This is the hypothetical video I did for “Skype” for the module:

This is the real one, the one I presented to Skype. I added all the recommendations that my teachers and classmates suggested:

YouTube Preview Image


Enter the Shoot the Future competition!

We’ll introduce the winner to industry experts, share inspiring advice
and help get your idea off the ground. So send us your entry.

Upload both:
a) 30 – 60 second pitch, or trailer, showcasing your idea
b) a business plan outlining the feasibility of getting your idea made.
Use either Skype, Onedrive or the upload tool on this websit