Hello all,

Sorry it been a while since my last update on my final project. Not to say that things have been quiet on this front, quite the opposite but now hand-ins are done, I can get stuck in even more.

Ok, so this is the first ‘status update’ as it were. Upon deciding to use Processing for my ‘Augemented Reality Vehicle Modification Preview Tool’ (needs a better name!), I managed to locate a useful library by Den Ivanov. This uses markers provided by the C++ build of ARToolkit and has a very solid capability of recognising simultaneous markers. The main problem so far is that its only compatible with windows, apparantly due to the way Processing uses OpenGL. I managed to edit his sample code in order to load 3D obj files to the markers.
The only issue I had was that it’d occasionally ‘drop’ the object, though I found that this appears to be due to the unsteady frame rate that the Apple iSight camera on my MacBook has when running on PC, as the vanishing object tended to coincide with frame drops.

An external webcam was always necessary for this project though, so after recommendations, decided to get a Playstation 3 Eye camera, which has been popular with some computer vision and AR practitioners, such as in this article here. However, long story short, setting up the camera to use on Processing the Mac has been a breeze with a simple sketch working with previously installed Macam drivers doing the job. Screen grab here.

However getting it to run on the PC version of Processing has proven much harder, with the above example not working, as it cannot identify the camera. CLEye has been used, along with its SDK, including a Processing wrapper, to work on the PC. A sample sketch does does work, although the picture quality is much less than expected, with poorer definition of colour, probably as this SDK is not device-specific. There is a PS3-Eye library for Processing, though so far this brings up a blank screen. Apprantly this library was built to use an earlier version of the drivers behind CLEye, which are not readily available.

So far then, I’ve got ARToolkit running in Processing on Windows XP (albeit quite well)
and the Eye camera on Max OSX. Next step is to try and find different PC drivers and sketches but hopefully this will improve the reliability of the Processing ARToolkit.

Additional research I’ve been working on has also focused on generating 3D models, GUI creation and trying to acquire a physical model to map the markers onto, but more on that in upcoming posts.

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