by clivewright on August 21, 2015

Looking at my project in a bit more depth I feel that just focussing on the fact that there are unsecure CCTV feeds available for people to access is a little boring and has been done before.
Whilst my piece can still comment on this issue I wanted to create a more meaningful dialogue about the themes of CCTV and the notion of mass surveillance.
I found that while looking through hundreds of unsecure feeds to find a theme for my project that a lot of CCTV imagery is not ‘perfect’; Slanted, poorly framed scenes are portrayed in low resolutions forming pixelated landscapes, accented by lens flares, dirty lenses and time based events.

These scenes, in their own right, become interesting subjects themselves.

I want to oppose the notion of mass surveillance by utilising these unique CCTV feeds showing that very few cameras in our day to day lives either work, are as perfect as we think they are or are recording what we think they recording.