Practice Project 13: Exhibition Documentation

The work was exhibited at Culture Lab, Newcastle, as part of the CAP group’s first exhibition – MA Creative Arts Practice (2013-2014) Degree Show “The most brilliant students in all CAP history present a set of interactive works about self-awareness and transition.” Culture Lab Newcastle University 23rd-26th September 12.00-17.00 Private View 22th Sept, 17.30 – […]

Practice Project 12: Exhibition Opening

The exhibition opening was interesting – most people had some valuable comments to make about the work, such as… “It’s like being in a horror movie” “I feel like a rabbit caught in the headlights” “It’s like being awake inside a dream” “The lights make it seem as though I’m on trail for a murder […]

Practice Project 11: Exhibition Preparation

The issue of presentation has been resolved in three steps: 1. Hiding the wires and MacBook under the table draped with black cloth 2. Replacing the built in camera with this go-pro quality device, fixed onto the bottom of the furthermost screen 3. Placing a light on each of the screens to illuminate space Speakers […]

Practice Project 10: Digital Portfolio

Storm Prototype Information

Practice Project 09: Testing and Results

Six participants were invited to test the prototype, all of whom were studying digital media in some respect at master level at Newcastle University. The participants were given a set of questions, and were encouraged to answer in as much detail as possible. The participants were notified that at any point they were able to […]

Practice Project 08: Prototype using Storm Sounds

As an alternative to using the lava sound from the previous prototype – creating a storm soundscape has been explored as this is more appropriate to Colombetti’s metaphor of the weather as analogous to moods. More floating objects have been added and the colour has been modified to become less strong. Below are variations on […]

Practice Project 07: Prototype Using Volcanic Sounds

The idea to create a type of chamber has been pursued, however the aesthetic theme has changed slightly: instead of creating a visual representation of a type of muscle – alluding to the heart – the theme of an elemental environment has been created both in terms of audio and visually. Below are screenshots of […]

Practice Project 06: Beating Heart GEM Patch

Given the simplicity of the previous RTX patch, the idea to create a kind of ‘chamber’ to represent the chambers of the heart was created in order to make the GEM window visually more interesting. This patch was modified in order to change the real time image of the participant into a cube (or ‘chamber’ […]

Practice Project 05: RTX Image – Slow Buffer

This patch was adapted from an example in Pure Data, also to include audio. At present, this idea functions to create a feeling of disengagement whilst the participant perceives themselves; the top screen responds to the participants movement in real time, but the bottom screen is transformed through a slow buffer and is out of […]

State of the Art Influence 02: Audiovisual

Another artist that has inspired the project is Joe Hyde, specifically Periphery (2008). It is particularly relevant to view Periphery with the themes of fragmentation, distortion, and ethereality in mind. Additionally, it is possible to view Periphery in the context of philosophy… Periphery can be viewed in light of Sartre‚Äôs discussion of embodiment and alienation. […]