The Proposal of Late Show

This is link of the Late Show’s recording process, which contains some pictures and notes that i write on.

Seven Stories Proposal:

Seven Stories is the national home of children’s books. Everything they do celebrate children’s books, their creator and reader. Many of the best loved books for children and writer by British authors and illustrators. Changing the lives of those who read and enjoy them. They select original artwork and manuscripts form first scribbles to finished books to create their innovative exhibitions and popular events. Seven Stories’ unique exhibitions, lively events and playful activities bring children’s book to life – every day for everyone – making it a place to remember.

In the studio space, curator of Seven Stories give us some introduction about this space and Seven Stories. And different floors have different story topic, which using creative way to display the process of writing story, also engaging different type of audience with different activities and events.

As for the proposal of the Late Show, which should be inspired form one place of Seven Stories with creative thinking to make project that could connect and response to children’s book .

1. Idea discussion.

The idea discussion about the Late show. The idea of the Late Show which around some key words, such as interactively and creative experience. According to different exhibition topics of Seven Stories, we got a lot of ideas. The most I interest in is the story about bear which always are written in story and described as human’s friend. In terms of the idea about bear, which has ‘Teddy Bear as a boundary creature: not a fucked up doll’, ‘disserting Teddy Bears’, ‘Teddy Gets An Operation’, ‘Teddy Bear anatomy’, ‘the movie Teddy’, ‘Teddy talks: a proper Ted Talk’, ‘Teddy Talks’, ‘Teddy Bear support groups, group therapy’, ‘Teddy Bear Picnic At Hanging Rock’, ‘Teddy Bear night out in Big Market’……

The original idea I had that around ‘Teddy Talks’ with anthropomorphic way that teddy bear can talk about some story about itself to engage different type visitors……

However, I realized that ‘Teddy Talk’ just base on the talk and listen, which I think that this kind of activity not interesting enough and might not that could response the ethos of Seven Stories. Although Teddy Bear be a ‘Talk Person’ is interesting to audience, it is important to note that the way of audience get story still with normal way. Therefore, continue with the topic of Teddy Bear, I try to come up with some ideas that could involve audience in show and response Seven Stories’ ethos…

2. Puzzle Game.

The inspiration of this idea is adventure. Also some stories star with adventure. Because, adventure is mysterious and challenging for the ‘hero’ of story and reader, such as “Peter Pan”. In addition, in some degree I think that the process of writing a story also an adventure for every writer. Therefore I plan to use the idea of adventure in this projects – puzzle game. Comparing with the traditional puzzle game, this one is different. For the traditional puzzle game, the segments of puzzle could be provide, the player just need to think about the segments place in puzzle. As for this puzzle game, it needs player find the segments in Seven Stories by themselves first. And the process of finding segments is more likely an adventure game that lead audience go and explore something unknown. It might stimulate their curiosity and make them involve into activity actively.

However, there are two points I remind myself when in design this game. Firstly, the process of find segment could not too complex, which might influence participants’ enthusiasm. Secondly, there need an outcome (Bear’s pictures and stories) after participant found segments and finished puzzle, which as an aim for participants that could promote them.

The idea about putting the segments into box, which is inspired from the ‘treasure box’. It is a metaphor segments are treasure that participants could get after they find box and open it, which also a part of adventure could attract visitors.

The place consideration is Studio Space where Seven Stories suggest a participatory work that visitors can interact with….