Reflection of HSS8121

This is link of reflection, which contains pictures and notes that i write on.


To be honest, I had confusion about this module in the early. Every lecture of this module, there was a guest speaker presented their project and research area. But some subject area is very new to me, although I felt it very meaningful and interesting, I had no idea how can those things useful to me. Such as the practice we did with Serena Korda. We put device and receive signal form Jupiter. Then we recorded the voice form this signal. It is amazing and I am very excited. However, the follow practice is that using different ways to edit the recording sound. Actually, in that time, I was not sure what should I did, what I would get and what for.

After that, I try to not just think about the content of those research, but think about the research its. Then, I realized that it is a question I should be addressed by myself, also it is the thing that I could learn from this module – research and exploring.

For myself, I might ignore the important and meaning about research. Early, research for me is more likely to seek something I need. Also, design is the thing about how to response the demands of customers when I did interior and landscape design. And in graphic design, I more likely to seek a beautiful visual effects. Although visual effect is an important part of design, sometimes I will lose the value and meaning of design. That is the limitation of my thinking.

From this module, it reminds me the important of research. And I realized the meaning of research in our creative project. In the process of research, it not only about to seek the things that we need, but it more focus on finding new things and relationship between them with exploring and wild thinking. Such as the creative project which called Yossarian, it is a search program and attempt to find the possibility relationship between every key words. And the concept of this project is that developing ideas. According to this, I realized that every idea not just on side, and try to stand in different position to think about it and find the different possibilities.

What more, research not only happen in the academic area, but it also needs us to concern in everyday life. When you walking on the street, try to listen and observe the environment around you, or when an ice cube melt in your mouth and hand, concerning about your reflecting, thinking deeply and research deeply. And I believe that I could explore more possibilities.