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preview of my project

here is youtube link: I am sorry for low quality! extension, please see here:

conclusion of my project (include download links)

In a word, I am generally happy with my outcome as I have largely achieved what I really want to make: I have met the three requirements which I sat for myself in initial part: Primarily, I need to develop my alternative narrative of Hitler in depth, I probably do not need to grow my […]

screenshots and introduce of my project
screenshots and introduce of my project

The cover page is like this Function it has: 1. start: start to play 2. read: player can saving the current stage when they have to leave for a while. 3. picture and music: all the pictures are included in this sector 4. setting: Player can set it to full screen or half screen, also […]

Fourth divergence

The last is he become an artist as he dreamed. There is no reason for him not to be enrolled in Art Academy since he tried his best more than two times to enter. Born in Austria, Hitler served with the German army in the Great War on the western front. After dabbling in right […]

Third divergence

The third is he went to UK rather than staying in German, Refer from Times From The Times Adolf Hitler (1889-1958) The death was reported yesterday afternoon of Adolf Hitler, one of the leading advocates of Anglo-German friendship and reconciliation and former Liverpool MP. Hitler was born at Braunau-on-the-Inn, Austria, on April 20th 1889. Little […]

second divergence

The second divergence is about Hitler change the strategy in second world war, to attack turkey, Iraq to get oil course instead first attack Soviet. I probably do not need show it in the same way as my first divergence (see here: because it can be referred from previous alternative literature has already backed by […]

first divergence

I have almost completed the structure of my interactive narrative. But after careful consideration, I think I need to develop different branches actually backed by evidence based on original Hitler life other than personal imagination. As Tom suggested, I need to identify the strategies of it. So this is what I plan. First deviation: Hitler mother […]


  In 1945 the leader of Nazi Germany took his own life in an underground bunker surrounded by the smoldering remains of his capital city. What if Hitler had made a simple strategy change in 1941? Could the war have ended with the Axis powers ruling most of the world and America cowering on the […]

Alternative Hitler story: Hitler victory in II ww

In private discussions in 1939, Hitler declared the Soviet Union the main enemy to be defeated and that France’s obliteration was a necessary prelude to that goal. Offended by the British “withdrawal” on March 31, 1939 of Ukrainian independence, he said, “I shall brew them a devil’s drink”. Ukraine, as well as most other East European states, were seen as either German […]