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Selected works

This is an updated portfolio of the recent artworks produced, workshops given and ongoing projects.

Selected artistic portfolio

Loom: Chartless Rudderless Night (2012)
a digital choreography by Claire Pencak.
Presented at Alchemy Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland.
4 channels music composed with Helen Papaioannou.

Chartless Rudderless Night is a collaboration between choreographer Claire Pençak, dancers Merav Israel and Will Thorburn, moving image artist John McGeoch and composers Helen Papaioannou and Alessandro Altavista. It is part of the Loom project, and here the loom is inspired by the lighthouses of Orkney. The title is a composite of words taken from George Mackay Brown’s ‘The Weaver’. The choreography conveys the collision of wave on rock, ships that pass in the night, the scanning beam of a lighthouse on dark seas. The sound element draws on the mapping, individual light characteristics and rhythm of the 11 lighthouses of Orkney and is written for saxophone, double bass and digital sound synthesis.

More info on Helen Papaioannou’s website.

The Loud Self (2012)

Sound installation, transistor radio, radio transmitter, computer connected to the internet, dimensions variable.

Part of the collective exhibition “Reassembling the Self” by Susan Aldworth. Vane Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Alessandro Altavilla’s sound installation, The loud self, explores auditory hallucinations, phenomena frequently described by people affected by schizophrenia. These hallucinations are often heard as real voices, creating a concrete inner dialogue between the self and other selves. In extreme cases this causes subjects to feel themselves in a state of paranoia or even persecution. The loud selfsearches for people tweeting the phrase “I heard voices” on the internet, which are then spoken aloud by a computer synthesised voice. This voice is broadcast to a transistor radio in the gallery. This work can also be heard every night from midnight until 1am during the period of the exhibition on an internet radio programme at

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